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by Harry
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A storoem about how we choose to fill our thoughts.
The woman sat, looking out at her backyard.
Her thoughts turned to her situation at work
and to those other things that made life hard --
living alone, bills overdue, her boss a jerk.

Movement in the backyard caught her attention.
A crow had flown down to join a flock of crows
now filling her backyard. She felt such tension
as their raucous cawing a cacophony composed.

Their blackness covered the ground; the sky
mirrored the mood with dark clouds covering
the sun, increasing the gloom. She gave a sigh.
Her spirits were attuned, as she was discovering.

The ring of the telephone broke the somberness
at hand. It was her granddaughter, all excited
about her world and eager to share the happiness
that occupied her day. The grandmother was invited

to see her perform in the upcoming school play.
They talked and laughed. “Of course, I’ll be there.”
When they finished their conversation, the day
gleamed with sunshine and brightness everywhere.

The backyard was now a haven to lovely songbirds,
whose sweet songs floated on the air with melodies
that made her heart soar. Funny how a few words
from her granddaughter had the ability to please

her so and fill her mind with such hope and love.
Then she suddenly realized she herself had the
choice of what to spend her time thinking of --
crows or songbirds. She decided which it was to be.

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