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by Djinn
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For my "born again" ex girlfriend.
You say you love me,
really is quite sweet.
I'll say I love you back,
Its my favorite emotional instinct.
baby, I love you,
'cause your the best looking...
piece of decaying organic matter I've ever seen

Sweetie, I'd call you my soul mate,
but I dont have a soul, and baby neither do you.
I'd love to tell ya, your brother is ok.
he was shot in the face, a rather tragic fate.
I'm well aware that you want my comfort,
to tell you he is in heaven, in a utopian dream...
dancing with your mother, hearing the angels sing.
however dear, we both know its not true.
I value intellectual honesty more than I value you.

See sweetheart, I'm a nihilistic nice guy...
and I need me a cynical saint.
someone who sleeps in on sundays,
and stays up real late.
a blasphemous beauty,
who enjoys skin binges,
and the occasional pregnancy purge.
a real looker who feeds off her animal urge.

So if someday I have a daughter,
and I find her dancing in the rain...
like it was some kind of miracle.
I'll have to convince her that,
every rain drop is an angel committing suicide.
a little harsh, but kinda fun.
something I'll have to do...
to make sure she never turns out like you.

You see dearest, there is this place called reality
you should stop by sometime...
and as fun as it sounds,
to sit around,
talking to an imaginary sky friend...
and his mythical son...
I prefer quantam physics,
and some groovy neuroscience.
rapidly firing neurons,
baby such a turn-on.
I need someone who enjoys getting high,
getting high on chemical reactions.
so in closing I'd just like to say
I'll still say hello and act like I care.
but my love,
I'll never say I believe...
just to passify your prayers.
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