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by Harry
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A storoem about a late friend.
Everyone probably knows someone like Betty Jo.
She is that sort who never can seem to be prompt
but always arrives late. All her friends know
she’ll never change; yet some shout and stomp,

scolding and threatening to drop her as a friend.
Betty Jo always apologizes and has a good excuse,
but down deep she isn’t committed to make amends.
Sally no longer gets mad; instead she’s made a truce.

She doesn’t complain. She simply tells Betty Jo a time
to arrive that is thirty minutes earlier than it actually is.
Today is different. They have tickets for seats in a prime
location to see President Bush, who is promoting his

restructuring plan for Social Security at a town meeting
being held at a college locally. They must arrive early
or will not be admitted. Sally’s patience will be fleeting
today. She warns Betty Jo tardiness will make her surly.

Betty Jo swears she will be on time. She knows she can
do it if she really tries. Sally is dressed, ready to depart,
but the agreed upon time comes and goes. She scans
the street for Betty Jo’s car. Anger grows in her heart.

It becomes late … later still. No Betty Jo. Sally explodes
in rage at the lack of consideration by her friend. She
storms out of the house, drives away, thinking she owes
her no more loyalty. Why, what excuse could there be?

Sally barely makes it to the forum to claim her seat, but
her mind is filled with angry thoughts of Betty Jo, who
failed to show on time yet again. She wonders what
lame excuse she will have for this. Well, she just blew

their friendship as far as Sally is concerned. She is mad
still when she arrives home, only to hear: “Betty Jo is dead.”
Her husband says, “She wanted to be somewhere in a bad
way. She was broad-sided going through a light turned red.”

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