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by Harry
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A storoem about Hitler's view of how America handled its Indian problem.
I have always been a history buff;
I watch the History Channel often.
Just now I’m finding it a bit tough
to accept a fact meant to enlighten.

The channel aired a documentary
about Adolf Hitler, surely one of the
vilest humans and most incendiary
figures in history there ever will be.

Hitler had executed a hideous plan
to exterminate millions upon millions
of “inferior beings” to his Aryan man.
He fought a war…to decimate civilians.

Not just Jews but Gypsies, the mentally
challenged or physically disabled, and
other groups of “undesirables” all cruelly
suffered, died by the wishes of this man.

Imagine my shock upon hearing it said
that one of the things Hitler admired
most about America was it was ahead
of its time in the manner it had conspired

to rid itself of its undesirable native
people problem. Hitler voiced approval
for the way America was so creative
in succeeding with the Indians’ removal

from their native lands by labeling them
“sub-human” and waging war to kill
thousands, by being willing to condemn
women and children to starvation, until

tribes finally had to submit to detention
on undesirable land called a reservation.
Hitler applauded the comprehension
of the need to eliminate without hesitation

an inferior race to open the West for the
White Man. I always have considered
America’s treatment of the Indians to be
a black stain on our history, delivered

through past prejudice and ignorance.
Still, it is sad to realize the United States
once acted with such tragic malevolence
that Hitler thought of us as his soul mate.

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