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by Sunnie
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My little corner for Newbies and not so newbies too!
Thank you Choconut 🍫 for the wonderful ribbon that now graces the newbie corner!

Now this is where I will be placing things for Newbies: If by chance you have anything you would like for me to add, please just let me know *Smile* sunnie@writing.com

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WDC Welcome Center  (E)
Help for New Members
#1768104 by Pat ~ starting a new journey
Writing.Com 101  (E)
Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
#101 by The StoryMistress

WhataLand  (ASR)
How-To Help. Have fun while learning about WdC! 2018 Quill HM Best Educational :-D
#2129802 by Whata 4Cs Now Open
What Should I Do First?  (E)
A guide of how to do some basic WDC skills, along with a resource list.
#2065725 by Tiggy

Sisco's General Advice For Reviewing.  (ASR)
My personal advice for reviewing, and links to all the writing and reviewing help I use.
#1885180 by ~ Sisco ~
The Newbies Academy Group  (E)
Need assistance and guidance. Stop on by!
#1949660 by ~ Sisco ~

Weekly NEWBIE Challenge  (E)
LEARN - Bitem Format, Emoticons, etc., and receive Reviews
#989394 by ~*~Damiana Returned~*~
Newbie Help And Support Group on hiatus  (E)
Group dedicated to helping newbies learn their way around WDC
#1767965 by Tiggy

Helping Links  (ASR)
'Help Links' for Newbies and all other members who are still learning
#1304021 by Maryann- Happy 13th Power
Promoting Your Portfolio URL  (E)
My column with tips on promoting your Public Portfolio URL!
#307037 by The StoryMaster

Getting Started: Table of Contents  (E)
Visit here for a tour of Writing.Com and learn about this vast, exciting site!
#168945 by The StoryMistress
Writing.Com General Discussion  (13+)
A message forum for general discussion. Please come and chat with others!
#100931 by Writing.Com Support

Noticing Newbies  (ASR)
A warm welcome to our newbies; come meet new and not-so-new members of Writing.Com!
#126963 by The StoryMistress
Linking Help And Practice  (E)
A place to come and learn the links Writing.Com uses, specifically Bitem
#1594589 by 🦄🏳️‍🌈Sapph

The illustrated guide to linking  (ASR)
Confused about how to link? Exactly what to type? Click here!
#560037 by Writing.Com Support
 Gaining Exposure Within Writing.Com  (ASR)
My column discussing six tips to gaining exposure within Writing.Com!
#298127 by The StoryMaster

Getting Started @ Writing.Com!  (ASR)
A beginner's tour through Writing.Com...
#168932 by The StoryMistress
Tips for New Members *Under Revision*  (13+)
Tips for new members -- things to know to improve your Writing.com experience.
#1016867 by Jace

Newbie Hyperlinking 101 - Bitem Format  (E)
Learn the ins and outs of creating a link using the bitem format.
#1377955 by NickiD89
How to Create a Contest  (ASR)
Things you need to know before you open a contest. Includes a contest template.
#2001290 by Angels in my Ear is a grandma

Newbies + Poetry Group  (E)
Do you love writing, reading or reviewing poetry? A member less than a year? Come in!
#2122795 by Sally
WDC Video Help Desk  (E)
Come SEE how it's done with Writing.Com video tutorials
#2141673 by Cinn

The Fox's Socks  (E)
Welcome WdC Newbies! Come on in and check out the challenges to win prizes!
#2225985 by 🐾GeminiGem 🐾

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