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a friendship without words
Once upon a time there was a sailor on shore leave.He made a trip to a lake.
He found a beautiful clear blue lake and sat down on a rock at the waterside.
The sun colored the leaves of the trees an intense green and the water blue and silver.
He started to gaze into the lake and let his thoughts drift.

So many mistakes I’ve made and so many people I’ve hurt or left behind in the blink of an
eye. I did this with no regret. Why? I am a good soul. Why can’t I do good to others?

He gazed into the lake and summed up his life for hours.

The sun was now high above the lake and the wind was playing with his hair. The warmth of the
sun gave him a peaceful feeling that spread deep inside.

Something moved in the lake. At first, he thought it was a fish, but it came from the deep depth of the lake. Like silver rings with blue pears, the water curled around. He knew he should be afraid, but he wasn´t. The inner peace he’d found was still there and he watched this scene with

Golden hair shimmered and he thought she was a mermaid, but when this quiddity surfaced completely he saw her legs.

She turned her face to him and as their eyes connected, he was unable to turn from them.
He stared into her eyes. They were the deepest blue he had ever seen. The water of the
lake was blue and wonderful, but the blue of her eyes was so deep and warm and soulful he
was unable to do anything but stare.

Hi, I´m Vivian a warm voice echoed in his head.
Her lips had not moved. She had this amazing smile on her face
I am a sailor he answered in the same way.What´s going on here? he wondered. However, he still felt a peaceful feeling deep inside.

Her smile got brighter and warmer. He felt like he was coming home. He smiled back and
could tell she felt the same.

How is it that you live in this lake and you are not a mermaid? He asked her as he
looked into her eyes. No words left his mouth, but he knew she understood him.

I am the Lady of the lake and maybe you heard about me already. A long, long time ago I became the keeper of excalibur, that famous sword of King Artur. He promised one day he would come back and set me free. But... no, you are not King Artur, right? a bit of sadness swung in her voice within the last question.

I´m sorry, I fear I´m not. But you must be to 1500 years old now.Yet, you still look like you are in your mid-twenties He threw a funny, flirty smile in her direction. She was amused by this and winked at him. She was fascinated how the wind played with his
beautiful hair.

You have seen the whole world, if you are a sailor. Please tell me about it. Is the world as beautiful as it is here at the lake? Sometimes, when the weather is bad, I fear that all the bad is creeping over the mountain into my lake. Is there much bad outside and do I have to fear it? There has to be more than only this peaceful place on earth. I’ve heard about it, always when people walk the waterside and talk of what they’ve seen. But I’ve never seen it. Can you tell me about it?

So, the sailor told her about the little market in Bergen where you can eat fresh fish bread in the morning and where the sun never goes down.

He took her to the jungles of Africa where lions made people run away and hide somewhere in the trees, just to run again as a snake fell down from the tree.

Then she found herself in the big cities of New York and Shanghai where the traffic was loud but the people were nice.

They found themselves laughing when he demonstrated the little Hawaiian hula-hula dance
and a bit of an Egyptian walk.

He took her with him into an opera and to a rock concert and showed her a little bit of a theatrical play.

They didn’t realize the sun was on the other side of the lake, but as it started to get darker, they both knew it was time to leave.

They stared into each other’s eyes again and felt the peace between them.
They waved goodbye and he promised he would come back one day.

He turned around and walked his way back to the big, wide sea. He turned around one more
time for a little wave. He knew he had to come back.

The maelstrom took her down to the ground of the lake again. When she was at her place, she cried and cried and was sad she was alone again. But something deep inside of her told her she found a friend for a lifetime, or even longer. In her sadness, she felt a feeling of happiness and peace. She knew all the time she had waited for something - it had been this.

The sailor was sad as well, but knew about the soul connection and that they would meet again in their dreams and go on with their wordless conversation. He ran to his bed to catch the next dream as fast as he could.

She stopped her tears and started to laugh when he showed her the streets of London and took her to a funny play.

Now, when the sun and wind play with the lake, the walkers sometimes wonder why silent water is active like a sea from time to time. Yet, no one is afraid of it.


Footnote by the author:
special thanks too Lee, a wonderful writer from this site, who helped me to read my work correction ..... and thanks too many others who helped me on this work, I really appreciate this
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