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My muse rants on about other things she can do, than just help you write.
Hey, there. This is the muse behind all the work on Jim's port here.

In the past I've sounded off about the things that bother me. Well, here goes again!
I'm sure that many of you see yourselves as "creative types" and have given up being practical. You probably have a few stories in the back of your mind about the writing geniuses that never could manage their life. But have you thought about why that is?

From my experience, the reason is simple. You don't talk to your muse about anything if it isn't your art.

Take the guy down the road that figured out how to take $4.90 an hour and use it to build a business on which he can now retire. You think he didn't have any help from his muse? You think he didn't have times when he woke up in the middle of the night to scribble down an idea his muse whispered into his brain? Think again.

I'm not saying you need to quit writing and go into business. Instead, remember what we muses do: we tell you a better way. You have something you want to say, and we tell you how to say it better. There's always a better way, no matter what you are doing. Writing a novel or cooking an omelet? -same thing, either one can be reduced to the same old same old.

I mean, have you ever been at work and been given just one job, over and over like it was the only thing you could do? I know it bores the socks off me, and I'll bet it does the same to you. Give your muse a shot at solving all your problems. That's all I'm saying.

Who knows? Maybe your muse will tell you a better way to talk to your wife, to wash the dishes, to approach your boss for that raise or the two weeks off you need to polish your script. She might be able to help you keep food on the table or find a better way to market your latest work of genius. What's to lose?

There's a better way, I guarantee it. And as a creative person, isn't that your thing? Finding the new and better way.

So, let's get out there and unleash your new found consultant on your entire life. You'll never regret it, I guarantee.
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