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and why bashing it brings my response -


there is more than one side to the story
a response to a one-sided view of a great country

It is with sadness that I read
that the U.S.A. is full of greed,
that we hunger to take over
the world - and change the lives
of those who want nothing more
than to live as they see fit.

It is with sadness that I saw
pictures of torture and degradation;
this is not what the U.S.A. stands for
and not what most people in the U.S.A.
You set that as an example, but
have you seen what they have done to us?
Our Prisoners of War were tortured,
starved, multilated.
Those pictures never made your papers?

Our military might is there
not to ravage countries
but to help countries who cannot,
or will not, help themselves...
Witness the mass graves..innocent blood...
at the hands of dictators.
We are there to help when disasters strike,
and our people dig deep to help financially.
Are we greedy? Hell, NO!

It is the Americans from the U.S.A.
who stand up for every person's right
to be free - and we pay a heavy price
to help others...
We go in to rebuild, and are killed;
We go in with food and friendship,
to be blown to bits by roadside bombs
and suicide bombers.

Would you prefer that we stay away
and let the death marches continue?
Would you judge all our men and women,
who fight gallantly for freedom,
leaving behind families who mourn
when a flag-draped coffin comes home?

If it were a perfect world -
there would be no war.
We would not be called "infidels"
and we would not have to bury our dead
from the hatred shown us...

Ask the survivors of concentration camps.
Were we there to take advantage of a country?
We helped them rebuild, and they are a
stronger country for us having been there.
Our crosses are still there, row on row,
of our sons who never came home.

Ask the people of South Korea
if there is hatred for Americans -
They've built a Memorial for our war dead,
and have welcomed back with open arms
the older men who went back to visit
the place where they fought in trenches
in a war-torn Hell not of their making.

"Kill the Americans!" Well, if that
is what you wish, you would be killing
people who came here for the freedom,
almost every nationality lives here -
and many died when the World Trade Center
was hit by hijackers of our own planes.

I happen to love and respect the U.S.A.
I am proud of our men and women in the service.
We punish the bad and
applaud the good in what they do...
I would not chose to live anywhere else.
The U.S.A. is truly
the home of the free
and the land of the brave.

I am sad for those who cannot see,
who burn our flag,
and kill our people.


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