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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Environment · #981541
Can Earth be given a voice? Not a children's poem.
Speak soft my name

Whisper in a hush:
… tsu … tsu … tsu …

My first name‘s but a breath,
salty, ancient, from the depths,
exhaled from what‘s been built up
in the core, where once Earth bore
what She could not contain forever.

In a gasp,
… na … na … na …

my middle name‘s released:
upward to the sky,
inward in a giant gulp,
onward in a race to greet the shore.

In awe, repeat what you fear most!
… me … me … me …

As unaware you wait my awesome thrust,
my curve that curls at sandy shore, my wave
that skyward soars magnificent, my grab
that drags all to my bosom in the end.

So few the hours that I spend, but ...
Oh, what moments I have lived!
I’ve cleansed the Earth,
returning all to muddy clay.

Whisper soft my name:
tsu … na … mi.

Say a little prayer:
tsu … na … mi.

Within my watery grave:
tsu … na … mi.

My thirst is quenched.

© Kåre Enga

2 januar 2005.
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