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The flag is folded 13 times before it’s put away; each fold represents a shared value.
To properly put the American flag to rest,
The tradition of thirteen folds is best.

The 1st fold of our flag symbolizes life.
The 2nd fold is for the gift of eternal life.

The 3rd fold is to veterans, in honor and remembrance.
The 4th fold for Him we turn to for His divine guidance.

The 5th fold is a tribute to our Nation, right or wrong.
The 6th fold is for liberty and Justice, for we are strong.

The 7th fold a tribute to our protectors, the Armed Forces.
The 8th fold a tribute to those who died by foreign sources.

The 9th fold is a tribute to womanhood, and Mothers.
The 10th fold is a tribute to fathers, who sacrifice for others.

The 11th fold glorifies our God Abraham, in Hebrew eyes.
The 12th fold glorifies God the Father, in Christian eyes.

The 13th fold, the flag now folded, the stars remind us to be just.
And of our nation’s motto, it is, "In God We Trust."

Adapted from “The flag folding ceremony” described
by the Uniformed Services of The United States of America.
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