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by Harry
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Animal · #985087
A storoem about a true happening.
From Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, comes this report
of a twelve-year-old girl abducted by seven men.
One man wanted to wed her, but she refused to court.
The men stole her away, determined to beat her then.

For there, young girls are often severely battered
and raped to make them accept an unwanted marriage.
This girl was repeatedly beaten, left blood-splattered
and whimpering in pain … of justice, a true miscarriage.

After a week an unlikely trio of saviors happened by.
Three male lions, their thick, black manes resplendent
in the African sun, chased away the men, who didn’t try
to save the girl but abandoned her to her fate attendant.

She lay before the lions -- a defenseless, easy meal.
But, and many call it a miracle, the lions did her no harm.
Instead they stood guard over her, a happening surreal.
Half a day the lions watched and waited, ready to disarm

any danger that approached her. True guardians they were!
When rescuers arrived, the lions turned and walked away
with no look back. These unlikely saviors became but a blur
as they disappeared, leaving behind wonderment this day.

Authorities explained the girl’s whimpering had possibly
sounded like the mewing of a lion cub, keeping her safe.
Male lions kill cubs they did not sire; her scent would ably
make her human -- all logical explanations merely chafe …

… maybe miracles truly do occur due to the hand of Fate.

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