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A rhythmic rhyming tribute, a light verse, a play on Dreama Bigger's name.
Dream a bigger dream

Dream a casserole,
bigger than a bright full moon,
enough to feed the world.

Spice it with the joy of kindness,
sauce that tingles tongue;
to pasta cooked to cling to ribs,
add a dose of love.

Dream a bigger host to feed;
the hungry are always here!
Hear their faith restored by food;
do it with heartfelt cheer.

And whenever plagued
by thoughts of doom,
go dream a bigger dream.

© Kåre Enga

19 september 2004
Catalogue number: [161.570]

Author's notes: This was written for Dreama Biggers, and started out as a play on her name then evolved from there. She was a very good cook and cooked lunch for everyone at Salvation Army one day. She was often homeless and ill. Dream Biggers died December 15, 2006. (October 10, 1958 - December 15, 2006)

Published in The Lawrencian, Vol. 1, no. 2, November, 2004.

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