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by Harry
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A free verse poem about mid-life crisis.
There comes a time in most people’s life,
usually around age forty,
when they stop and take stock.
They reflect upon unfulfilled youthful dreams,
upon goals unmet, upon deadlines missed.
Reality shakes them. The optimism of youth
is replaced with the disappointment of mid-life.

To combat the harshness of their reality,
to recapture their fading youth,
to rebel against the inevitable decline,
some people do impulsive, foolish acts,
which in the end changes nothing.

Those that are wise accept disappointment
as being interwoven into the fabric of life.
If they can truthfully tell the face in the mirror
that they have done their best, that their failures
are due to circumstances beyond their control,
then they may find inner peace.

Yet, as the dreams of their youth are abandoned,
there is that nagging voice in the mind of many
that whispers, “What if? This should have been.
You could have accomplished great things if only …”
Too many people listen to the baleful voice
and carry to the grave nagging disappointment
at having their potential untested,
their onetime dreams unfulfilled.

May that we all live happily and
grow old knowing complete contentment,
without suffering such disappointment
gnawing at our very soul.

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