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Pun contest entry: the sequel to "The Wizard of Oz"...
"Auntie Em! Auntie Em!" exclaimed Dorothy as she opened her eyes, and realized she was safe and sound, back in her old room, in the Kansas farmhouse that she shared with her aunt and uncle. "I'm home now, but where I was, it was really beautiful. But wait, there are things that I can't remember so well."

Just then her little dog, Toto, jumped on her bed and began licking Dorothy's face. Dorothy scooped up her little dog in her arms, and held him up to her ear; he began to speak: "Hey, don't forget to tell them about the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion. And about the Wizard, and the witches...and ..."

"Dorothy, dear, how come the dog remembers more than you do?" inquired Auntie Em.

"Because," Dorothy smiled mischievously, this is our little-known sequel:
"TOTO Recall!"
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