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A light view of natural processes of life, death, life. Response to a challenge.
Of mice, owls and moonflowers


The seeds ...
so many to gather.

A place ...
to hide them from others.

This burrow of oak leaves
will do.

The moon ...
sleeps behind clouds. I'm safe,

brown folios of litter,

my camouflage, swarthy
as night.

Be still,
O sly, treacherous pulse!

Quick hide ...
with this big blackish seed.

Stealth swoop of wide wings,
Ah ... No ...


In the
old leaf littered burrow,

mute moonbeams and showers,

rest the seeds of moonflowers.
They grow.

© Kare Enga

Catalogue number: [162.243] 2005 juli 7

Author's notes: This was written quickly! in a response to Earl Anderson's challenge to look at owls from the mouse's perspective! Been edited since.

By-the-way, moonflowers (Calonyction aculeatum or Ipomoea var.) are related to morning glories. They have huge white fragrant flowers that bloom at night, hence the name. I've grown them.
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