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I've run out of entries but not out of ideas--another movie title pun..
In a small unnamed town in the state of Emotion, a diabolical and twisted plot begins to take form. A maniacal gang of would-be anarchists make final changes to their plan to take over this town in this Emotional state.

First, they take over all three of the town’s movie theatres, and then divide and herd the townspeople into the theatres, where they are forced to watch one sad, heartbreaking movie after another. After hours of such marathon heartrenching-movie watching, the exit doors were finally opened. The people, still crying and wailing, poured out onto the empty sidewalks, some falling down on the sidewalks, not moving.

The gang wait until the last sobbing person falls. They then move in to take over the town.

This movie: “Lethal Weepin’”…

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