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Rated: 13+ · Column · Teen · #989708
Just a thought in mind.
Now I know all of my ladies could relate to this one. Am I right??? You see this cutie, a dimepiece, a real good looking young man....and you automatically wants his name, number and age. He seems to be a serious attraction, a person you know you could start a realtionship with. Your feelings get stronger and so do the late night conversations on the telephone when mamdukes is sleeping. As each day comes along, you getting to know so much more and you become so interested in everything he wants to partake. You seem to have no problems, no issues, no drama. Everything is cool. Ladies, do you understand where I'm coming from from this point??? All day and everyday when you are chilling with your homegurls, you shared with everyone details from the previous late night conversation. You can't stop thinkin' bout him or talkin' bout him. This boy got you feenin' like Jodeci. You thinkin' nutten could get better than this. You right. It only seems to get worse.
As soon as the relationship begins, change start to begin to take place. And you don't know where these changes are coming from. I do. You could of prevented this change from coming along too. How I know? I know because we gurls, young ladies, women let our feelings control us, when it should b us controlling our feelings. All the late night conversations and the sweet talks got control of your feelings and yourself. You let LUST get the best of you. You never knew that LUST could b controlling. But it actually is. There's only one question left to ask ourselves......Why can't we realize when Lust is controlling us? OR here's an even better question.....Why do we always feel we are in Lust, when it jus barely a mere attraction towards the opposite sex?

TO B CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>>>
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