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When Logan was 3, he called his brother Nafan Orange. Light verse for a friend.
Nafan Orange

My big brudder Logan loves me,
calls me Nafan Orange.

Nana holds me tight and crows.
October is her month you know.

Papa loves me too, you see.
Mommy, Logan, once were three!

But now that we're four,
it's me you all adore!

With my dark hair ...
this Halloween.

Loved-by-Logan is my game.
Nafan Orange he calls me.

© Kåre Enga 2003

Catalogue number: [160.635]
5 november 2003; 15 juli 2005.

Nathaniel Lawrence was born to
Kathy and Larry Jay on October 21st, 2003.
Janice Jay is his proud nana. Based
on a 3 yr old's mispronunciation.


This is poetry. It is light verse.
It depends on rhythm, a bit of
rhyme and being 'cute'. It is
supposed to make you *Smile*.
If it doesn't, tell me!

Also, not sure whether to keep the Ls
or make them Ws. As in: Wogan, wuvs.
Please help by commenting.

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