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For Janice Jay. Based on a journal entry after my house burned down in early Spring.
For Jan ... when next it snows

Bemoaning the snow,
Jan does not know about "the fire",
nor the flames that lick my inner wounds,
consume what once within there dwelt
and flourished,
now just embers flickering.

Yes, misery surrounds her heart.
Yet, deep, asleep, within her soul,
the seeds of Summer wait the flame of sun.
They'll bloom,
replacing what was killed by frosts
of Winter or the workplace boss.

As I walk among the fragrances of Spring,
the Oklahoma moisture dowsing out my flames,
I think of Jan renewing hope,
so far away, beneath her cloak
of April snow.

Kåre Enga © 2004

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30 juli 2004

Note: for Janice Jay of Elma, NY. Based on a journal entry from April, 2004.
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