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January 21,2021
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Just an image I am preparing to write a paper on Psalm 2. I've read the psalm several times and have yet to nail down a thesis for my paper. I know that the psalter had the kingdom of Israel in mind when he penned the psalm. He did not have the benefit of history to read a messianic meaning into the words. We can interpret the psalm and see that in many ways it defines the birth and kingship of Jesus.

The psalter who penned the psalm, however, did not know Jesus. He obviously had a different meaning in mind. Is it possible he was thinking patriotically? Could he have been saying essentially "Israel rules!"?

I just finished a course on Biblical hermeneutics, which is Biblical interpretation. One of the first things we were taught in the class is to read the text by finding the author's original meaning or "locution" in mind. The author of the psalms may have thought that the Messiah was going to come and rule the entire earth in a 1,000-year millennial reign as is often taught but I seriously doubt this was the case. In my opinion, the author of Psalms 2 was talking about Israel and the throne of Israel. The author was expressing his patriotism and loyalty to Jehovah by telling the surrounding nations to listen up because Israel's God was going to make Israel the capital of the entire world. Essentially, I think he was serving notice and I firmly believe that He believed God would do just that. After all, God had established Israel as a nation by conquering the inhabitants of Canaan. I believe the author of Psalms 2 expected world conquest.

For my blog I lost track of my days with all the busyness of the week. I forgot to send the prompt!

Homer J. Simpson and I were cruising the WDC galaxy on an away mission and he posed the question about meeting an alien race. His star is Homer J Simpson and the port is
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What do you think it would be like to encounter an alien race?

I think it would be cool to encounter an alien race, although I feel certain that humans are alone in the universe. I know Jesus did not die on any planet but earth, and any sentient being is subject to sin. However, if I were to meet an alien I think that would be pretty cool. I have no idea what they might look like. There would be so many factors affecting that. If they were to come I doubt it would be in peace though.

Image for BCOF members to put in their blogs "Do you think artists should be more or less transparent when it comes to their political affiliation? Like for instance, the flack Garth Brooks received from his fan base because of his choice to participate in the inauguration even though he's Republican."

I think the media and artists should keep their political opinions to themselves. Facebook has made it very clear that they are politically very left. They will post a "fact-check" on any opinion that disagrees with their opinion.

Blog City image small "Prompt: "Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers." Issac Asimov Use this quote in your Blog entry today."

I agree with Asimov. As writers, we usually do think with our fingers.

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