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May 1, 2021
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An image for my blog group Prompt:
Does God want us to love ourself? Why or why not?

I think this question can be a kind of stickywickit. The reason I say that is because yes, we are to take care of ourselves. After all, the body is the temple of the Lord. 1 Corinthians 6:15-20. We are to love ourselves enough to care for the body. On the other hand, we are not to obsess on ourselves and focus only on our own needs as most do. There is not one scripture in the Bible that says we are to love ourselves. Not a single one. Yet there are hundreds saying we are to love others, serve others, and care for them. My ministry is taking care of and serving the men of the West Virginia Veterans Home. I am chaplain, peer support worker, and floor leader here. The only part of that job that requires me to love myself is the part that means rest, sleep, and eat. Otherwise my focus is to be on others.

For my blog As a new month starts, so does a new journey across the expanse cyberspace that is the WDC universe. Today we found a star that has been on WDC for some time. #BrianKCompton carbon #Poet writes
Unfinished  (ASR)
We get a hint of memory at the oddest hour and wonder again why we moved on from the one.
#2137067 by #BrianKCompton carbon #Poet

a poem about serendipity. What do you think? Do you have serendipity? Tell us about it.

Serendipity is waking up in the middle of the night as he said, remembering that you did this or failed to do that. I have a lot of serendipity, but I remember that it took each moment of my life playing out exactly as it did to make me who I am this day. If one thing had changed, I would not be me. It would be a different me. I like the one here now.

** Image ID #19976562 Unavailable ** Prompt: "Can beauty be found in chaos? How do you describe chaos? How do you describe beauty?"

Yes. There is beauty in chaos. Chaos resulted in me being me. See the entry before this. They relate.

Blog City image small Prompt: "Do you dwell on the past or do you move on pretty easily?"

If I have one foot in the past it means the other foot is in tomorrow. That leaves me raining urine all over today. I never dwell in the past.

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