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February 27, 2020
Today I am thinking of Ukraine and sunflowers. Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine, and one of my favorites. I am going to plant sunflowers all over our little plot of ground here in homage to Ukraine. I am praying that Ukraine prevails and Putin goes down to defeat.

In the HerbCrafter's Tarot the Magician card--Number 1 is represented by the sunflower. Sunflower roots travel for miles bringing nourishment to the flower.

The Magician card is all about harnassing your own energy and power.

I am dreaming of vast fields of sunflowers over Ukraine, over the world, a connection of roots, with a message of peace and unity throughout the world.

To me Ukraine manifests as deep feminine energy. My hope is that this Mother energy will resist and defeat the patriarchal destructive tendancies of both capitalism and communism.

I am going to practice guerrilla gardening and sow sunflower seeds wherever I can.

Prayers for Ukraine.

The HerbCrafter's Tarot--1-The Magician--Sunflower--From one seed, a thousand. Sow peace.

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