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There is beauty in all things!
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To James Bond 007 With Love
To James Bond 007 With Love,

I can’t believe it’s been 60 years since my parents introduced you to me. I have been a fan through the years, and Sean Connery was my all-time favorite. To be honest, I think I was even in love with him at the early age of 4.

You never imagined that this would be one fantastic franchise of 25 movies, 25+ top songs, 6 James Bond, and lots of extraordinary Leading Ladies, among many other talented stars, would be so loved by many around the world.

On October 5, 1962, the journey began for all the Bond women in the world, and still, to this day, there are women worldwide who are in love with James Bond 007. His charismatic personality won him over with every heart in listening range. The thought of being charmed by such a man has made every woman swoon over them. It was the same for every generation of Bond fans alike.

My favorite, of course, was Sean Connery, with his handsome good looks and voice that I fell in love with from the start. He has captured my heart for years in anything he has starred in.

I applaud the casting crew that picked the James Bonds of the world. They couldn’t have picked them any better. Now, I’ll name them to their popularity with myself, not exactly in the order that they played James. Sir Sean Connery was in 6 movies, Pierce Brosnan was in 4, Daniel Craig was in 5, Timothy Dalton was in 2, Roger Moore was in the most 7 movies, and although he played only one Sir George Lazenby.

I’m going to be honest here when “Casino Royale” came out, I wasn’t so keen on Daniel Craig and had not seen the final four movies of the franchise. This past weekend I was scanning for something to watch and found four films I had not seen yet. I binge-watched 007 to get myself reacquainted with my dear James. Lots of memories watching them rush through my memory core. I remember watching most of them at drive-in movies as a kid with my family, and the last nine were on television at home. It was always a treat to go to the drive-in to watch them.

I’m glad I found more Bond movies that I hadn’t seen. They definitely won me over with Daniel Craig. I believe the casting crew knew what they were doing when they casted these 6 actors to be 007.

I wanted you to know that the last four movies made me fall in love with you all over again. You worked your way back into this heart of mine. It opened my eyes, and I saw that the writers and directors were true to the original Bond and, without a doubt, stayed true to the franchise. They knew what they were doing when they chose Daniel, after all.

After I calmed myself down from the shock of the last one and wiped my tears away, I found a biography on James Bond music. It was as popular as the role of James. Who was going to do the iconic opening song? They range from Louie Armstrong to Adele and some of the most prominent artists in music. I could only imagine the honor that it was to be able to write and record these songs. Amazing talent!

I hope there will be a new generation of James Bond in the future. Maybe his daughter or an unexpected son that he wasn’t aware of. For this fan, 60 years was not enough. After you read this, I hope you’ll decide to pop some popcorn, grab a drink and watch 007. Enjoy…

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