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There is beauty in all things!
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Shocking, isn't it? That's what I thought last Thursday night when it happened. A few minutes after I arrived at work, I was told that I was the girlfriend of one of the cooks. Then she proceeded to tell me that we needed to get married as soon as possible. I looked at who Monica was pointing and enthusiastically talking about. There standing in front of me behind the serving bar were our three cooks, all had big grins on their faces.

I guess the shock of what she was telling me sunk in after I congratulated her on having one of them as her new boyfriend, I misunderstood what she had said to me, and she shouted, "No, Terersa', he's your boyfriend!" Then proceeded to tell me that we needed to get married quickly.

"Estes is not my boyfriend," I replied, as they all laughed at my response. "Estes needs someone younger to marry, cuz, WAIT, How old is he? I looked at him at a glance and back at Monica, thinking she was joking around with me. I laughed but was caught off guard by what was said next.

"You need to marry him so he can stay in America, he needs to stay in America. Then I knew she was serious! You no have to ever work again. He pay your bills, clean your house, and you have food. You marry him." She kept repeating herself!

Estes kept smiling at me and shaking his head up and down. He doesn't speak a word of English. I could feel my face turning beet red. She still hasn't answered my question about how old he is. I look at the other two standing there with big grins on their faces. Then she decided to go another route.

"Then you choose one of them to marry, you need spice in your live, Terersa'! You pick one to marry you have three to choose from. They all need to stay in America. She whispered in my ear. She points at Estes and says he's 19, then points to Juan, he's 53, and then to Winchel, he's 65. You choose one. You need spice in your life and someone to take care of you. They are good men! Marry one of them."

I told her that I would be a "Cougar" if I chose Estes! "No, I'd be robbing the baby carriage." She laughed and told them in Spanish what I had said.

I could feel myself blushing again, and the guys started laughing as I walked quickly out of the server's kitchen back into the dining room, running into my boss. She asked me what was going on, and I told her. She ran into the kitchen, yelling in Spanish and smiling. Monica and her return a few minutes later, wanting me to choose one of the cooks, but more for me to pick Estes. For an hour, they tried to convince me to marry him or at least one of them. I don't feel like being a cougar, I told them. They said why not, you teach! Oh my goodness, I proclaimed that they both were crazy, blushing once more. *Blush* I had to get up and wait on customers that were walking in. I was so glad to end the conversation. We got busy after that, and nothing else was said to me.

Now, I'm not sure how it truly ended because when I said goodnight to everyone, Estes was smiling from ear to ear at me. I think I might be engaged! The language barrier is definitely an issue for us. Plus, he is old enough to be my grandson! I guess I will see tonight when I go in. But I'm definitely NOT engaged! Well, at least I think I'm not. I'd be afraid immigration would be on my doorstep on day one. Ms. Blakely, why did you marry this 19-year-old? *Shock2* That would be the first question they'd ask. I told my sons, and they think I should do it, it would take care of all my problems, and I'd have spice in my life... *Rolling*

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