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Homemade Laundry Detergent

1 4-lb box 20-mule team borax
1 4-lb box baking soda
1 55-oz box super washing soda
3 bars fels-naptha soap, shaved
1-3 lbs of oxyclean powder*

*Make sure its the powder, not the liquid. You can get by with only 1 lb, but for better cleaning, use up to 3 lb.


Get a 3-gallon plastic bucket. You can easily get one from any Walmart bakery—they will give it to you if you ask nicely. The fels-naptha soap will need to be shaved first (use an ordinary cheese grater). Pour together all ingredients and mix thoroughly by hand.

Use 1 tbsp per small laundry load or 2-3 tbsp for large or heavily soiled loads. The entire amount should last a whole year. Keep in an air tight container (or several containers for storage).

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