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Book of poems written for the second year of the Promptly Poetry Challenge, 2021/2022.
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The Tasty Truth
The Tasty Truth

I’ll tell the tale of William Cody
Of Western yarns his is the only
One that ends not in a gunfight
But in showbiz both bold and bright

His fame began in shooting bison
He knocked more down than boxing’s Tyson
Until the railroads spread their reach
From eastern shores to Calif’s beach

And then he kept old days alive
His Western show made it survive
And with his friend, famed Sitting Bull,
Relived the times adventure full

And now, today, many will say
How cruel it was to earn his pay
Killing bison is no benison
The fact is Bill craved buffalo venison

Line count: 16
Trochaic tetrameter (think Hiawatha)
For Promptly Poetry, Week 10 2021
Prompt: Write a poem that has the word “love” hidden in it somewhere.

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