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The Menace of Morons
Yes, today's topic is morons. Sorry, this is kind of a rant, but I need to vent before I get back on the phone.

A short history of the situation may be needed. We adopted our granddaughters and are trying to provide a stable and healthy home for them. One is on medication for anxiety, ADD, and sleep problems. Everything seems to be working well so there is no current need to change or alter her medications, which are prescribed through a psychologist who she meets with through Zoom.

A few months ago she met with him, he asked how she was doing, if she needed anything changed, and a few other basic questions. Since everything was alright, he sent in her prescriptions and that was it. The whole meeting took about five minutes and she was done. The last thing he told us was that she should see him again in about three months unless anything changed.

The pharmacy filled the prescriptions, and when they ran out, we had them refilled. Now she needs them refiled again, but the psychologist only set up two months. The pharmacy called the clinic and was told no refills until she meets with the doctor. Today I called the clinic and explained that she was out of medication and needed a refill and that she has an appointment with the psychologist next month, as he requested.

I was told to have the pharmacy call them and they would refill our granddaughter's prescriptions. I did earlier this morning. About an hour ago, the pharmacy called me and informed me that the prescriptions cannot be refilled until I schedule an appointment. Since they don't have anything to do with any of it, I thanked them and told them I would try and get things straightened out.

I called the clinic again, talked to the same person, who said I needed to schedule an appointment. I told her I have one set up. I explained that I had them set it up after our grandaughter had met with the doctor and that she would see him next month, as he requested. She said she would talk to the doctor and get back to me. About twenty minutes ago, the clinic called back and had me cancel the appointment for next month and set one up for next week. I did.

I explained again that I needed refills on her prescriptions and was told that I should have seen on the bottles that there was only one refill and set up an appointment for the doctor before that ran out. I asked her if I was supposed to schedule by the refills or by the doctor's request. "Well, you should do what the doctor told you."

I explained it all again, told her I have an appointment for next Monday and asked if they could please refill the prescriptions. She asked if my granddaughter was out. "Yes."

"You need to call your pharmacy and have them call in the prescription so it can get filled right away." That was the reply.

I have recalled the pharmacy, tried to explain the madness, and asked them if they could try and call it in again. The lady said that she would do that right away. Right before I started this post, she called me back and said that the clinic will refill the prescriptions as soon as I set up an appointment. Again, I explained it and told her I would call the psychologist again and try and get it figured out.

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