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Pookie Sighting
They took the long way to the convention lounge, not knowing there was another route. Halfway down the hall, the trio spotted a Pookie!

"Bubby!" Mel shouted, running down the hall.

phil1861 flattened himself against the wall, bracing for impact. Mel didn't disappoint, launching herself from at least four feet away. She crashed into Pookie, squeezing him tight. Pookie returned the hug, laughing at her excitement.

Diane and Moo continued walking toward the pair of insane asylum escapees. As soon as Mel cleared out, Diane went in for her share of the hugs. Moo and Pookie did the typical male hug, standing several feet apart and clapping each other on the back while grunting.

After the ritual hugs had been exchanged, the group headed back to the room. Mel and Diane exchanged glances and held back giggles as they approached the guys' room. Pookie opened the door and walked in. He paused, noticing something wasn't right, but couldn't put his finger on the problem.

Diane couldn't look at Pookie. She turned to the window and faked coughing to cover her fit of giggles. Mel had no problem playing innocent and kept up the conversation while Diane coughed and Moo sputtered. Clued in that something was up, Pookie surveyed the room.

He noticed his bag was missing and started to panic. His auction item was in that bag! Could he have left it on the plane? No, he was certain he brought it into the room! Mel continued talking despite Pookie's obvious agitation.

"How was the flight?" Mel asked.

"Hmmm, oh ok I suppose." Pookie muttered, opening the closet.

At this point, Diane gave up all pretense of coughing and exploded into a fit of laughter. Mel gave her a look that would ordinarily quell the giggles, but Diane was beyond reproach. She collapsed onto the bed alerting Pookie to the scheme.

He approached the bed, finger wagging, "Ok, what have you done with my bag?"

Diane's only response was to wipe the tears from her face. Moo looked at Mel, silently asking permission to end the farce. Mel laughed and grabbed Pookie's bag from it's hiding place and handed it to it's owner. Pookie grumbled and glared while Diane composed herself. She didn't know why it was so funny, but watching Pookie try not to be irritated was more entertaining in person than on scroll or IM. *Laugh*

Prank over, the group decided to head out to the convention lounge to greet the other arrivals. Diane glanced at the note sitting unnoticed on Pookie's bed and wondered when he would find it...

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