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This is about the pitfalls of a superstar athlete who is trying to remain true to himself.
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a friendship reaffirmed
Ever since the altercation in the park Teddy and A.J. had been closer than before. They had been best friends since childhood and like brothers for the past four years. After the fight A.J. had realized that Teddy was more than just a friend or teammate. He knew that if not for Teddy’s intervention there was no telling how severely Spencer and his goons would have hurt him. When they rendezvoused the day after A.J. tried to express his gratitude but didn’t want to sound like a girl and couldn’t find the words. A.J. opened his mouth several times and Teddy started to laugh. He knew what was on A.J.’s mind and he felt the same way. However, he would not be his usual court jester self if he did not razz his buddy.
Did you say something little man? I couldn’t hear you. Maybe I should get my hearing checked?
Are you giving me grief?
Of course not! Would I do that to you?
Absolutely! Now shut up so I can tell you thanks!
Relax bro! You don’t have to say a word cause I feel the same way. We are blood brothers remember? Anytime, anyplace or anywhere! If you ever need me for even the smallest problem I will be at your side!
The same goes for me man! You can always count on me no matter what trouble you start or who you offend! And with that they embraced briefly and then slugged each other in the arm to confirm their manhood.

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