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by Chip
Rated: 18+ · Book · Religious · #1224562
John has to deal with loss in his life and find the answers only he can answer.
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excessum Chapter 4

I woke up at 5am and made myself breakfast, 2 eggs easy 

over bacon and a English muffin, I had 2 cups of coffee

grabbed my digital camera and got onto the rode around

6:30 the sun was just beginning to rise, so most of the

people in the town were still sleeping in their beds,

as for the rest of the people that are up they are in

auto pilot, not really knowing what they are doing or

what’s around them, it was about a 5 minute drive to

get to the cemetery. When I got there the police tape

was clearly visible and no body was around like I had

planed, first I walked to the graves where Abby and

Sharon had been berried. It’s the first time since they

were berried that I came to see the graves. I sat there

for a little while just thinking that maybe if I

visited them more often I could have stopped this from

happening. I guess this line of reasoning is kind of

pointless but how do you stop from having those

thoughts, I wish I knew how to do it but I don’t. After

a few minutes I got up and went over towards where

Franks body had been, their was another line of police

tape all around the pentacle and the blood was still

very dark the morning dew seemed to give it back its

fresh feel, the sheer amount of the blood was

overwhelming and it’s sent was heavy in the air. The

lines for the pentacle were perfect, who ever they were

I was betting this wasn’t their first time. I looked

around at the tomb stones around the pentacle and I

noticed that the five points all had a tomb stone at

the point. I went to inspect the stones closer the

first one said:

                  Marry Walters
              Loving Wife and Mother

I inspected the stone more carefully and I didn’t see

anything, so I moved on to the next one it read:

                      Jon Hubbet
            Father to many, friend to all

That was odd that the first 2 tomb stones I stopped at

would have the same birth years so I looked at the

other 3 tomb stone. Garrey Tebale 1920-1963, Morgana

Polts 1920-1984, and Andrew Welch 1920-2005, everyone

of the tombstones said the person buried there was born

in 1920, what are the odds that all the graves involved

would be born in all 1920. The years all went in an

order from the first to die to the last, according to

how the star was drawn. I took my digital camera out

and began to snap some pictures of the tomb stones and

of the pentacle, I figured I might be able to take the

pictures and the file and put together another file,

that I can use to go to a cult specialist, and maybe

just maybe that will get me a little bit further, into

this case that is. I looked at my watch and it read

7:44 it was defiantly time to get out of dodge, just

because now every one was getting up and soon people

would be visiting the cemetery and the police would be

sending a cleanup crew today or tomorrow, knowing my

luck it would be this morning, so I left. Walking back

to my car I walk by a couple of guys in black suites,

they looked life they might be brothers but the thing

is that I was right, people were starting to show up.

When I reached my car I saw a gray van pull up with no

markings and when I saw the 4 guys get out, I knew that

they were the clean up crew. Told you how my luck was

going to be.

Tob continued.....
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