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This is a story about Gaby and what she goes through just becoming a Teenagers .
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♥ Why Am I Writing At One in the Morning ? ♥
Eeeeeeurrghh! I'm so angry at Jemma and at oxford and at my cat and my sister and at my broken guitar and at the guy who hasn’t delivered my giant duck !

I’ll start chronologically. Yesterday, nm happened . Just revised for gay science test which went rubbish anyways and did humanities script that went really well . Then today, it was wacky hair day! Yay! Mum didn’t get me spray, but I got extensions and I stayed up till like 2 yesterday. And woke up at six to get ready for school so I could to finish humanities homework. Did humanities till like 40 past 7 when I started doing wacky hair and makeup. I also forgot to print it and therefore delayed everyone, and then forgot money we had to bring for having our hair wacky, making us even more late. But never mind. Then got my hair wacky-err at break. Phone went off in class; thank god it was not confiscated. She didn’t notice. But Tasha was glaring at me. She’s trying to catch me out. About James. I DONT FANCY HIM! god!

But anyway, yeah didn’t get much chance to talk to him for Lauren. Anyways, then French was not much different, and then ICT was boring because Cameron wasn’t around. Although he is sick and twisted and totally inappropriate, he is really funny (and something to look at too). Then we had a science test which was boring as well. I did crap-ishh even though I revised, it was okay I guess as I finished it at least but it was kind of hard []. Then P.E. ! Ohh I hated that P.E. lesson.

I went partners with Sarah. ( Cool Girl x ) And we were doing doubles ! And we got put against slutty slaggyy bitch one and slutty slaggyy bitch two ( a.k.a. Megan and Jemma ) and she was being such a bitch and a whore, making sex noises and talking about her boobs and private parts. So I have proper reasoning to not be friends with her now because god said to forgive people but these aren’t the right people are they. These are people who drink, who will have sex and probably get pregnant not very long from now. Will get high soon too. So these are bad influences and god doesn’t want us associating with them as they may lead us into sin so I am choosing to stay away and I will try not to be nasty about her and not slag her off and not mention her at all. That is best. If it can be avoided, do not bring bitch up.

And she called me and Sarah bitches. Soon I will turn them all against her ! Mwaaahhhahahahahahaaa ! no I won’t do that, that’s mean . But I will tell people the truth on the fact that she is using them because she has no one else like she used me and Lauren. So I officially went from dislike to hate . Actual hate. Well, not hate . But VERY STRONG DISLIKING . I am furious and I will never ever forgive her. Ever. God help me on this path and protect me and lead me on a productive path and different route to them. Thank you.

Well, I am really tired as it is now 20 past twelve 1 so I'm gonna head off to sleep ;p but cause I'm nice I will write soon, if not tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sarah’s birthday party and her birthday present hasn’t arrived which is a giant rubber D U C K !. And I am angry atm but cannot play angry shout songs acoustically so I can’t shout all together cause gay guitar string snapped ( I don’t take my anger out on it, no I wouldn’t do something like that ). And I'm tired and I'm going to bed
Night night
Write in here soon

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