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This is a story about Gaby and what she goes through just becoming a Teenagers .
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♥ My Eyes Hurt ♥
Mondays, rubbish day, Tay kept on shouting at me. She’s so mean. Tuesday. Ohh that day was horrid! I’ve been crying my eyes out for hours. I recked my whole eye liner twice. Well, in class, I was in charge of the camera for the day as we were doing arts projects for a week which they call arts blast, well, actually, ill paste mine and Laurens conversation on msn.

(16:21) ' - Gaaby : right , I had the camera in the class , and then Tay snatched
she was nearly dropping it so I asked her to give it back
and she wouldn’t
so I said give it back again
then she wouldn’t
(16:21) ' - Gaaby : so I said give it back now , and then she said God , n o need to get stressy
(16:22) ' - Gaaby : then I said , I need it because if you drop it sits on my head , not yours and then she said it’s not like I was gonna drop it and then she just went on arguing with me
(16:22) Lauren.: I hate it when they do that, especially when she gets so angry
(16:22) ' - Gaaby : yeahh
(16:23) ' - Gaaby : and then she goes talking to Hannah about me being stressy
(16:23) ' - Gaaby : and I told her , stop talking about me please , I can hear you
and then she says well , if it was Lauren you wouldn’t get so stressy
(16:26) ' - Gaaby : and I said I wouldn’t have to cause Lauren would give it back straight away and any ways , why do you always put it as if just me and Lauren are close being a bad thing . Then she said it wasn’t me who thought of that , it was Lizzie, she just told me. so don’t have a go at me and Lizzie looked at me smilingly and I said , if you have something to say about me , say it to my face not behind my back
(16:27) ' - Gaaby : so I turned my back on them because I didn’t want to argue anymore and I felt really upset .
then I spent all the morning miserably and then after break we had it , they didn’t even speak to me and I felt like crap
(16:29) ' - Gaaby : then at lunch they walked off and sat down and I just got a sandwich and walked away ,. and I went to mars banks office and talked to her about it all for a while then I went and stood there looking like a idiot on my own
(16:30) ' - Gaaby : then Hannah came to find me and then we went to shield making and by that point I was in tears case everything was going wrong and Lizzie , Jemma and Hannah sat together
(16:30) ' - Gaaby : *Tay
and me Hannah and soph sat together and I felt really crap
(16:31) ' - Gaaby : then after private reading 7 cheered me up a bit , we chatted about the school production and you for a bit
(16:31) Lauren.: what did you say ???????
(16:31) ' - Gaaby : that your job was quite complex and you had to do quick changes , and +
(16:32) ' - Gaaby : and he said he’ll text you soon but the phone is being a bit spazz atm
(16:32) Lauren.: yay !
(16:32) ' - Gaaby :
(16:32) Lauren.: anyway carry on with what you were saying
(16:33) ' - Gaaby : then he asked me what was wrong and what was going on with me and you and Jemma and I explained and explained the Lizzie & Tay problem too
and then he said you should jump Lizzie
violent boy
(16:33) Lauren.: :L
(16:33) ' - Gaaby : then he and Dave ate a bit of Lead, ( he might get poisoned )
(16:33) Lauren.: nnnnooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(16:34) ' - Gaaby : aw
(16:34) Lauren.: :L#
(16:34) Lauren.: carry on/...............
(16:34) ' - Gaaby : then I found out that were kindaa doomed cause apparently most boys like slags , but he personally doesn’t like them but he dates a lot of them
(16:35) ' - Gaaby : and then Tay and Lizzie and Jemma are all best friends
and I just got this sent to me
(16:35) ' - Gaaby : JEMMA & GINA said:
why did you say to Lizzie ; that she had to choose between me and you ?
(16:35) Lauren.:
(16:35) ' - Gaaby : I never said that , I said she can’t be with us both at the same time because I don’t like being around her. Plus I wasn’t gonna say anything back cause Gina was there and I don’t want her to like be affected with this fight
(16:35) ' - Gaaby : and do you see why I can’t even ever speak to her again
(16:36) Lauren.: mm kind of
(16:36) ' - Gaaby : and btw she keeps on saying things about me and you
(16:36) Lauren.: Jemma ?
(16:36) ' - Gaaby : no, Lizzie
James told me
(16:36) Lauren.: oh horrible things ?
(16:37) ' - Gaaby : yeahh cause I was sat like where I usually sit in it ,and James was sat in front of me and in front of him was Lizzie and Tay and Jemma and apparently Lizzie kept on saying things about me being your best friend now and horrid things about me and you
(16:38) Lauren.:
(16:39) ' - Gaaby : so I feel like crap now and I've been crying a lot and I don’t know what to say to Jemma and I’m never speaking to Lizzie again and I might die now
(16:39) Lauren.: you will see me tonight at least, and I’m selling merchandise
brb, dinner x
(16:40) ' - Gaaby : okay
kaay x

And , you should read what Mike was saying .

(16:41) Mike! ily lots L: Hey
(16:41) ' - Gaaby : Hey
(16:42) Mike! ily lots L: y did u ignore Lizzie and Tay today
(16:42) Mike! ily lots L: ?
(16:45) ' - Gaaby : Mike , don’t go down that route cause I’ve been crying so much and I want to die right now so just leave me alone please
(16:47) Mike! ily lots L: can I just ask wat Lizzie did
(16:48) Mike! ily lots L: ???
(16:49) ' - Gaaby : just leave me alone
(16:50) Mike! ily lots L: fine then. I don’t see wat they have actually done wrong. ur just in a mood and bein paranoid
(16:50) ' - Gaaby : oh thanks, make me feel better ,I’m just crying more now
(16:50) Mike! ily lots L: well u made Lizzie upset
(16:51) Mike! ily lots Lizzie has changed his/her status to Busy
(16:51) ' - Gaaby : just please stop it, isn’t it enough at that , I’ve lost her to Jemma now . just leave me alone , and excuse me ! you don’t know what’s going on , so don’t get involved okay , I thought you were a friend to me and like them your being the absolute opposite

(16:55) Mike has been blocked
(16:58) Mike has been unblocked
(17:03) ' - Gaaby : you don’t even have a right to say I take it out on Lizzie I didn’t even say anything to her
(17:03) Mike: but u are talking it out on Lizzie coz u are just ignoring her and not even telling her wat she has done wrong
so ye I do
(17:05) ' - Gaaby : She’s talking behind my back, saying things , she told people things she knows she’s not allowed to tell to anyone and she’s broke her promise to me
(17:05) ' - Gaaby : and she called me a bitch and said f*** you to me
(17:05) Mike: she isn’t talking behind ur bk and even if she is its becoz ur bein mean to her
well she has the right to say that
(17:08) ' - Gaaby : she has ? cause , my friends don’t say that to me . She talked behind my back this morning to Tay and she even admitted to it, she did it again loads in ICT cause people came up to me telling me what things her and Tay said about me and I hid in the toilets and cried after that , that’s how bad I felt . That’s the first ever time I’ve cried in school cause friends
(17:11) Mike: and ye u wouldn’t say all that to Lauren would u
(17:12) ' - Gaaby : say what ? the only reason I was angry at Lizzie was because she talks behind my back
(17:12) Mike: u wouldn’t have a go at Lauren
(17:12) ' - Gaaby : and I can’t trust her with anything after what she’s done
(17:13) ' - Gaaby : and I never had a go at her anyways . all I did was ask for all the things she put me through today but she has gone and outdone herself now
(17:13) Mike: whatever
(17:14) ' - Gaaby : is that Mike , ?
(17:15) ' - Gaaby : it’s not is it .
(17:16) Mike: yeah it is
I’m home alone
(17:17) Mike: so ha-ha
(17:17) ' - Gaaby : because Mike isn’t like this ,with anyone, god , I feel like all my friends are being dragged away at the same time . I can’t cope with it . you have no clue what it’s like being alone and watching everyone you love being dragged slowly away and not being able to do anything but cry .
and I’m tired of it, you don’t want to be my friend anymore , not a problem .
(17:18) Mike: I’m not saying I don’t want to be friends any more I just want everyone to be happy
(17:21) ' - Gaaby : Mike , no you don’t . if you wanted me to be happy then you wouldn’t have a go at me . all I did is try to hold on to my friends but they just slip through my fingers and I’ve tried to fight to keep them but I can’t so I will give up . Lizzie doesn’t want me as a friend anymore, fine , she can be friends with Jemma and Tay , I’m sure they’re a lot better than me
(17:24) ' - Gaaby : do you know what things Jemma has said about Lizzie, the times she’s blocked her , the way she’s treated her . but no, it’s her choice s
(17:29) Mike: and Lizzie does want to be ur friend
(17:30) ' - Gaaby : great way to show it by betraying me
(17:32) ' - Gaaby : no , cause like her , you’ll just repeat it which is what got me into this mess in the first place
(17:33) Mike: no I wont
(17:33) ' - Gaaby : she told Jemma that I wanted her to choose either me or her
(17:34) ' - Gaaby : and I’m being had a go at by Jemma now , and that just adds to the pile of people having a go at when that’s not even what I said , I said , she can’t be with her and me at the same time cause I hate her and I don’t want to be around her.
(17:35) Mike is now Offline

So I guessed he blocked me too
And you can guess what Jemma was like and she was with Gina and all so I didn’t want to say anything because I wanted to hang with Gina later and I wasn’t in the mood for fighting and I just cried and cried till my eyes hurt . Then I remembered I had to go the Wyvern Theatre To watch the school production , which was our very professional . It took me ages to get ready and I thought I looked awful but I semt a bit more accepted by the populars, and Carmen Was Wonderful at singing ! everyone else was okay ; Lauren was doing backstage costume stuff and it was cool (Y)

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