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Chapter 2
In the present, John walked down the stairs of his house, poured himself a cup of coffee and read the newspaper.

First up were the obituaries. As usual, John found himself disgusted.

These people hadn’t just died; they were eaten, to satisfy the hunger of one monster or another.

True he did eat people on occasion, but that was only to protect those he cared about.

He didn’t even eat traveling salesmen and priests, though he did break their noses if they didn’t get the hint.

He then read the academics page. Once again he found things that disgusted him, as the schools would say how many students failed the grade, never to try again, as they were either eaten or made into teachers’ pets, literally.

They would even say how many students “disappeared” during the year. The only blessing was that they wouldn’t release the names of those who had “failed” or “disappeared”.

Suddenly, John jerked his head up, as he heard the whine of machinery.

Then he smiled as he got up and walked outside.

“Morning Howard,” he said, as he walked towards the construction foreman.

Howard, a saurian-like lizard that looked like a small T-Rex, turned and looked at him.

“You know,” he said. “I never did understand why you had us sign that one contract. You know the one that prevented us from eating humans and others, while we were under contract.”

John just grinned, showing off his larger than normal canines. “You know how I feel about that sort of stuff," he said. "And didn’t I save that one cousin of yours in high school from that sort of fate?”

“You claimed she was your new pet," Howard said with a chuckle. "I heard about that through the gossip of some girls I was stalking. Why the mention of her name made me blow my cover before they were even an arm’s length away.”

Then John said, “As long as I write your paychecks, you and your men will follow our agreement.”

“Well, you are paying us triple wages. I guess that is more than enough of a reason to not eat human meat,” Howard said, with a grin.

“Well I best get going," John said. "That boss of mine still doesn’t get why I don’t eat my problem students.”

At this, John grew to his maximum height and started walking towards town. As he left, Howard chuckled. Money was why he gave up human flesh. That and the food that John gave them happened to be even better.
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