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Chapter 5
When the day was over, and the students that survived their classes were let out, John was walking through the hallway. In his arms was a sleeping Julia, who had a smile on her face.

Following behind them were Justian and Tawna, who was a dog-like werewolf.

The students' eyes kept looking at Julia, with hunger in them. John just growled when he noticed this, slightly disturbing Julia’s nap, but not enough to wake her up, so he hummed a quiet, soothing tune he had learned from his mother, causing her to fall back into a deeper slumber.

It was then he saw someone who caused him to smile.

“Hi Janus,” he said, in his normal human voice.

Of course, the sight of Janus Clawfoot caused Justain and Tawna to almost wet their pants in fear. At ten feet tall, Mrs. Clawfoot was a harpy no student dared to anger. Of course John knew her public attitude was a bit of an act, because in reality, her shriek was sharper than her beak. It was also rare that she actually ate any of her students, as, for the most part, they ended up in her crop. About the worst she did was just grab problem student with her feet and sink her talons into the person’s back, after forcing him to the floor.

Janus looked at them and smiled. “This must be the breakfast you confiscated from James Twotail. No wonder he kept complaining, until I swallowed him. Then again, he was five seconds late to class.”

John just chuckled. “Keep him for a week or two,” he said. “That way I don’t have to worry about his parents trying to sue me for confiscating their purchase for their son’s breakfast.”

“Oh you and your soft spot for humans. That will get you into trouble someday,” Janus said, with a chuckle.

“Well, human is in my blood, and I’d rather get in trouble for that than hearing my parents shout down at me from heaven,” John said, with a smile, as he looked at Julia.

“Well, I guess if you didn’t stop him, he would have been later to class than he was," said Janus. "However, the janitor was highly displeased to see the door ripped off of the hinges and his favorite pair of overalls missing.”

“Tell him to lock the door so students don’t try to hide in there next time," John said. "Well, I’ll see you tomorrow Janus. Oh and if you see Samual Redblood outside of your detention room and in the halls, slap him with three nights detention and I’d like you to tell him about that fight I had with his Uncle Joseph anyways.”

“I’ll do that," Janus said. "That boy needs to be knocked down a perch or two.”

With that, John smiled as he walked out the door. Even if he couldn’t stop people from eating humans, he would at least save the ones he could, and hope it would cause others to do the same.
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