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Book version of my John Wolfstone story
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Teacher's killer and supper
In the present, John gave a happy sigh. His father’s heart had been as big as his mother, whose heart had nothing to be compared to, in levels of their kindness.

He then looked at Julia and said, “Tawna will help you get dressed. I will have supper ready in an hour. Now don’t you worry, I was raise to think of humans as equals, and not meals. Now I will admit that I have had human meat in the past, but, for the most part, that was because I was protecting someone from that particular human. Only once did I eat human meat as part of a meal, and that was by accident. Ugh, it made me feel so sick, when my cousin told me what it was, that I threw up on his wife’s lap, and that was when I was seven years old. After that, the mere sight of someone eating a human, alive or otherwise made me sick. I even feel sick when I eat one that tries to kill a friend of mine. Needless to say, while I know all the tricks to hunting humans and the like, I tended to spend more time befriending them than actually hunting them, which didn’t make my teachers very happy. But then again, after a certain incident in the fifth grade, no one tried to make me eat the humans I had caught for my assignments in that sort of class.”

“Why didn’t they try Mr. Wolfstone?” Tawna asked.

“Let’s just say that, when the teacher tried making me late for my twelfth birthday, as well as the one of the human I had caught, I discovered my size changing abilities and he became late for his fiftieth birthday and his thirtieth anniversary," John said, with a low sigh. "Guy died from a very bad stomachache.”

At that, Tawna’s eyes bulged and the skin under her fur paled, while John gave a low, nervous, chuckle.

“Not the happiest moment of my life,” he said, as he left the room.

Half an hour later, Justian came into the kitchen, sniffing the air.

Then he said, “Hey, what are you cooking? It smells delicious.”

John just smiled and said, “Let’s just say that when you try my stew, you will take it over human flesh every time.”

At this, Justian asked, “Well, what’s in it?”

“The basic recipe is meat, potatoes, carrots, and seasonings," John said, with a smile. "The rest is up to the cook, the type of meat, potatoes, carrots, seasonings, and any additions they wish to put in it.”

“When will it be ready?” the boy asked.

“It will be ready in about half an hour," John said. "If you want to, you can go help set the table. Plates and cups are in the cupboard to your right and the silverware is in the drawer to the left of it. Make sure you get enough for all four of us.”

With that, John turned around to add some things to the stew. He then heard the cupboard door squeaking and plates clinking.

“Remember what I said Justian,” he said. “There will be four people eating at the table, not three, unless you want to give your plate to Julia and starve tonight.”

At this, the plates started clinking again.

Then he said, “The same also goes for the cups and silverware as well.”

“Yes Mr. Wolfstone," Justian said, with some annoyance in his voice. "I heard you.”

A little while later, Tawna walks down the stairs, with Julia following her.

John looked at the young girl and smiled. She looked very pretty to him. She also had a smile on her face, as if she had had a dream come true, which had probably happened, as it was rare that humans made much money cause they tended to get low paying jobs.

About the only way could get a good paying job was if they were a wizard or something like that. Then again, humans that had high paying jobs were protected by law. To eat one of those ones was a death sentence. As a result, someone, like a highly successful plastic surgeon, was not at as much risk of being eaten, unlike someone like a plumber that was new to the job.

“Not a bad job you did Tawna, helping Julia get dressed,” he said.

“She looks nice,” Justian said. “And deli- (At that point Mr. Wolfstone took a cold glance at him) -I-I-I mean beautiful.”

John then took the lid off of the stew and, using a spoon, tasted it.

“Supper’s ready,” he said, taking the pot off of the stove, after turning it off, and setting it on the table.

“Oh Boy I’m starving!” Justian blurted out as he reached for the pot.

However Mr. Wolfstone smacked his hand with the ladle, causing him to whimper in pain.

“That hurts,” he said, clutching his wrist.

“Did I say you could eat it?” John asked, with a cold look in his eyes.

“No sir, you did not, Mr. Wolfstone,” Justian said, as he lowered his head.

“Good," John said, as he sat down. "Now let’s have a little discussion amongst ourselves before we eat. Tawna, how many immediate family members do you have living with you?”

“Um, there’s me, my mother, my father, my one older sister and three younger brothers,” the dog-like werewolf said.

“Now Justian," John said, looking at the tiger-like rakasha. "I have the same question for you.”

“That would be my mother, my stepfather, my stepbrother, and my two half-sisters,” the boy said.

“Now, let me ask both of you this question, what do you think they are thinking right now, now that you are not home with them?” John asked.

“Um I don’t know,” Justian said.

“I think my younger brothers are making a mess in my room,” said Tawna.

“Well I know this much, your parents are scared about what I could do to you,” said John, as he got up and started filling their plates with food. “Everyone fears having someone taken away and misses them when they are gone, if they truly care about that person. Now eat up, desert will be here in a little while. I had to order out for it.”

With that, John picked up his fork and started eating his stew. Then Julia tried some and her eyes beamed with excitement at the taste. However, Tawna and Justian couldn’t really taste it, as their minds were on their teacher’s words, that their parents were scared about what could happen to them. They were the same way when desert arrived, cake and ice cream. Needless to say, Julia was very happy. Later that night, after he had tucked Julia into bed, John went into his room to rest.
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