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Adoption Request, Denighed
In the morning, he woke up with the sun in his eyes.

“Remind me to close the shades tonight,” he said to himself.

He then got his clothes, the type that a shape-shifter would wear, which wouldn’t rip or burst when he shifted into his werewolf form or grew to the height of a giant, as it would adjust to fit any shape and form, expensive but worth it, and went to take his shower.

As he stepped inside, John saw the damage he had caused. While it wasn’t much, the claw marks on the doorframe, the indentations of his feet in the floor, and the bent siding on his bathtub were more than enough to remind him about what nearly happened.

“Thank God for loose floorboards,” he said to himself as he took his sleeping outfit off and turned the shower on. The damage could be repaired, with the bathtub being replaced, but a person couldn’t. That was one of the things his parents had told his throughout his childhood. A picture could be taped up, a wood piece glued, a glass replaced, but not even the most powerful of magic could bring the dead back to true life.

This was something he knew quite well, which was why John always wondered why others couldn’t see this. At one point, he had thought about killing himself, so he could escape all that senseless stupidity and ignorance.

However, he realized that as a teacher, he could influence young people, which was why he pursued those university classes that would allow his to achieve that goal. Now he had a real chance to teach others what he had learned. Those two students of his would only be the beginning of a whole new world, hopefully, although he wouldn’t mind it if the credit went to someone else, like the headmaster of Harmony University.

Even if it was only for financial reasons, his policy for forbidding staff and students from eating those enrolled at the place was able to keep over ninety percent of the human students that would have been otherwise eaten relatively safe while there.

“Now if only some money grubbing politician realized that,” John mumbled to himself as he got out of the shower and got dressed. Oh well, a “vegetarian” could dream about it anyways. He then went and woke up the others, so they could take their showers, get dressed and have breakfast.

While the young ones were getting ready, John was on the phone.

“Ashwood County Courthouse,” said a high pitch female voice. “This is Secretary Gina Firetongue speaking.”

“Yah um can you get me the Adoption Agency Center?” John asked.

“What is the reason that you want to talk to them about?” the woman asked.

“I have a child I’d like to adopt,” John replied.

“How did you acquire this child?” The woman asked.

“Why would you like to know this?" John asked. "She’s a young girl who deserves someone who cares about her well being.”

“I’m sorry sir" the woman said. "But due to certain policies, if the child was sold and bought from a stockyard, he or she is not allowed to be adopted by the person who bought him or her.”

“That’s bullshit, and you ought to know that," John said, angerly. "Every child deserves a second chance, even those who are troublemakers. My own parents bought children from stockyards and adopted them, starting way before I was even born.”

“I see," the woman said. "Well these policies were put in place after a giantess and werewolf couple known as Wolfstone-Megagain were found to have adopted more than seven hundred in that manner.”

“Well that’s were you are wrong,” John said.

“What?!?” the woman said, with a loud voice, obviously wondering who she was talking to.

“They adopted eight hundred thirty-four boys and girls who deserved another chance,” John said.

“How do you know this?" the woman asked, wondering how someone knew such informantion. "That knowledge is not available to the public.”

“True," John said. "But as their only biological child, I should know how many stepbrothers and sisters I’ve had!”

At this, John slammed his phone down on its receiver, severing the connection.

“Damn it,” he said under his breath, angrily. “What am I going to do now? It’s not like I can just claim she is a witch with weak magical abilities so she can be adopted by me. Anyone with even weak amounts of real magic could see she doesn’t have any in her. Also, I can’t say she’s a pet, cause then she’d have to wear a collar, get shots done, have a leash, and then she’d also have to be naked all the time. No she wouldn’t like that. About the only way I’d be able to keep her is if the laws changed, but that wouldn’t happen, unless…. No that’s too radical and too violent for me to do.”

But then he saw Julia sitting down at the table with Tawna and Justian having breakfast.

“Or maybe I should,” he said, with a grin. “If only for their sakes, as well as those born in the future.”

He then picked up the phone and made a call to a number he would call every so often.

“Hello," said an older woman's voice. "This is the Clawfoot residence, Janus speaking.”

“Hey Janus," John said. "I need to talk to you about something.”

“John, I was just about to call you," the harpy said. "Given your soft spot for humans, I figured you might like to adopt that one child, so I called up a friend of mine at the adoption center. In a round about way, I asked her if someone could adopt a child that had been sold to and bought from a stockyard and do you know what she told me? She told me it was against their policy to allow such things to happen. So I did a bit of digging at City Hall, with another friend of mine, and do you know what I found with your name written all over it?”

“Let me guess," John said, clentching his fist. "A law passed shortly after the deaths of my parents preventing others from doing what they did.”

“Yah, how did you know?” Janus asked.

“I made a phone call asking if I could adopt a girl I had acquired," John said. "Now, I didn’t say how I got her, but when they asked how and they told me about this policy that was created after my parents’ deaths, let’s just say I hung up.”

“Oh John, what are you going to do?” Janus asked.

“I have a plan," John said. "But I need you to do me a few favors.”

“Oh, what are they?” the harpy asked.

“First, I need you to take some students of mine to school and find someone you trust to keep an eye on my class.” said John.

“Okay and the other one?” the woman asked.

“If my plan doesn’t work out, I would deeply appreciate it if you were to take care of Julia for me,” John said, with a sigh.

“John, what are you thinking about doing?!?!” the woman asked, with worry in her voice.

“Let’s just say, the less I say the better, for you and Julia, especially if this doesn’t work out.” John said, as he hung up the phone and started to take the young ones over to Janus’s place.

When he got there, John started to leave when Janus asked again, “John, what are you going to do?”

He looked at her and said, “I’m going to create a world where people can grow up without fear of their neighbors. A place in where parents don’t have to worry about their kids getting eaten by other people. A place in which a child can go home and they know that their parents won’t sell them, just for being a little disobedient. A place were children can go to school and learn without the fear of being eaten because they got the lowest score on the test, or because they get bad grades in school, or that their fellow classmates will eat them for lunch. I’m going to carry out my parents’ dream on a scale they never even thought possible, and cause a world wide revolution of thinking and living.”

He then handed Janus a painting. “That was made by my mother. I think you’ll understand when you look at it.”

Then, he said; “Besides, if those people want me to be a monster, I’ll show them one that they’ll never forget, ever.”

At that point, John began to grow, taller than he’d ever been, and become more wolf than even most werewolves dared become. By the time he was done changing, nothing even looked remotely human, even his shape shifting clothing gave out, and he was on all fours.

He then turned towards the city, as Janus lived on the outskirts, and howled loudly.

Then he started running faster than anyone even thought possible.
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