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“Well, that was entertaining,” John said, shrinking down and turning into his normal human form.

John then looked at the small demon and said, “Steve, go sit near Julia, the girl your father’s friend gave the lunch bag to.”

“Yes mister,” the demon said, walking towards the girl. “Thanks again for the dog sir.”

“Well, you just be sure to take good care of him. He was always causing me trouble,” John said, with a smile.

“Now, where were we?” he said, looking back at the audience. “Ah, yes. Reasons as to why I shouldn’t be a principal. Now, excluding that slaver’s claim, and the excitement that showed up after, are there any other concerns, or reasons as to why I shouldn’t be principal?”

“Yes, are you going to get rid of the hunting courses?” said a large, and powerful, werewolf, who was one of the hunting instructors.

“Or the Sexual Education courses?” asked a very attractive female were-fox, who was one of the sexual education teachers, who then laid a kiss on the werewolf’s cheek.

“Very good questions,” John said. “The answer of course is…”

At this moment, John paused, causing everyone to lean forward.


“But, I thought that, as a vegetarian, you would want to get rid of my hunting classes,” the werewolf said, bewildered.

“And given how you never seem to appreciate my course, and all that it entails, a person like you would want to be rid of that as well,” the were-fox said, also puzzled.

John just smiled and said, “Well to be honest, I know that it is necessary for carnivores to know how to hunt effectively, and for people to be educated in sexual matters. I should know, I use the skills I learned to hunt animals near my place, and Janelle and I recently did the other, some time back. However, there are some limitations that I will impose on those courses. Of course, I will talk to you two, as well as any of the other teachers that have any concerns concerning their classes, after this meeting is over, at my office. Now, are there any other concerns or objections?”

“What about disciplining problem students?” An elderly sounding female voice, coming from the roof, said.

John looked up and smiled.

“Hey Janus,” he said. “I thought that you retired.”

“And miss seeing how you run the school?" Janus said, with a chuckle. "You can’t keep me away from that, not for long.”

With that, the elderly harpy swooped down, and took a seat near Tawna and Justian.

“Well,” John said. “Janus brings up a good point. How will you discipline problematic students, given how I feel about the use of certain punishments? Well, first off, when you have a problem student, and you are at your wits end, take that student, and take him, or her, to my office and talk to me about the problems that you have. If the problem is something like tardiness or poor grades, we’ll see what sort of help there is to offer them, like tutors and the like. If the problem is something more serious, like fighting in the classroom, threatening, or endangering others, well, just because Janelle has tamed me down, somewhat, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be a cold hearted bastard when I need to.”

At this, John just gave an evil smile and laugh.

“After all, I have a wizard friend who could always use a volunteer, some giant friends of mine could use a new pleasure toy, every so often, and, a nephew of mine could always wish for a new pet," he said, causing many of the more troublesome students, especially ones that he concidered trouble makers, to become nervous. "And of course, there is always spending some quality time with me. I know that there are two former problematic students that turned out quite nicely under my personal tutelage, or should I say, three?”

With that, the door opened, and in came Samual Redblood.

“I see you’re late to school,” John said, with a knowing smile. “Did it take you a while to get something to eat?”

“Yah,” Samual said, panting for breath. “Those deer of yours, they are a little hard to catch.”

“I know,” John said. “A lot more challenging than hunting down a human.”

“Yah, it’s a whole lot more,” Samual said.

“How long did it take you to catch one?” John asked, as he took a quick glance at the clock.

“I kind of lost track," Samual said, still panting. "Maybe three hours before the one I was chasing broke its leg and I could feed on it. However, you seem to have some rather large bears on your land. One chased me away from it before I could even take a sip.”

“Oh, I’m sorry," John said. "Perhaps I can offer you a cup to tie you over.”

“Thanks,” Samual said, as John rolled up one of his sleeves, and waited, as Samual bit down and feed off of some of his blood.

“Thanks again,” Samual said, as he took his mouth off the spot, and wiped his lips of any remaining blood.

“No problem Samual,” John said. “Just remember what I told you.”

“Yah, whatever, vegetarian,” Samual said, giving him a sly smile, as he walked off of the stage, and mingled with the audience.

“As you can clearly see,” John said, grabbing some tape and tissues, to put them on the bite. “Under my tutelage, even the most difficult of students will see things in a different way, and won’t be nearly as much of a problem in the future.”

“How is it that you managed to get Samual there to behave?” a dragon asked.

He had always had problems with Samual, and had almost threatened to roast him once, except he was afraid of retaliation from the Redbloods.

“Well Jake,” John said. “The best way I can describe it is that I gave him, and the other two students, a bit of a moral dilemma. With the first two, they didn’t really have any arrogance in them, so making them figure out what it meant, was a little bit easier. With Samual though, I’ll admit that I had my work cut out for me. His fear of me, especially after a certain incident, was what kept him in control, at first. However, I needed him to not fear me, so he could properly think about what it was that I was telling him, so, I asked a wizard friend of mine to help me out. Needless to say, I won’t discuss his methods.

'Now, I had been planning to make him see the ghosts that followed him, as there were many of them. However, his uncle showed up and complicated things a bit, but, he also sped things up as well.

'Because of him, Samual had to face the ghosts of those his family had murdered over the years.

'He also saw just how selfish his family was, how greedy, how manipulative, how corrupt, every single thing.

'He saw the reasons as to why I fought his uncle, and the reasons that he fought me.

'He also saw how merciful I was to his uncle, after I paralyzed the man from the neck down.

'He also knows that, while I do control the main branch of his family, as well as those who are my blood relatives, I am not that bad of a person to listen to, or to come to for advice.

'Then again, I have seen more things than most ever do.

'I have seen those who try to be as peaceful, and helpful as possible, I have seen great cruelties, in all races, including humans themselves.

'I know of those out there who would, and do, sell their flesh and blood for money.

'I know of those who, despite their fierce natures, would, and do, adopt those, who are not even of their race, and care for them, as if they were their own.

'I know of those who wouldn’t lift a finger to help another who was in danger, and they know the person, except to cause the person suffering themselves.

'I also know of those who would risk everything, to save someone, which they don’t even know a thing about.

'Now, if wisdom is what one knows, and has seen, heard, felt, smelled, and tasted over the course of ones lifetime, then one might say that I am very wise indeed.

'However, I will say this; there are areas that I do not know a thing about.

'For instance, I could give you a list of the methods as to how something like a bird, or a harpy, or a dragon can fly through the air, but I don’t know what it is like to fly.

'I can tell you the function of every part in someone’s body, but I can’t tell you why those parts came to be.

'Everyone knows something that the person next to them doesn’t. A werewolf, for instance, can know how tasty raw meat can be; however, he will never know how tasty a raw carrot can be, because, even in his human form, his body is not made to handle vegetation well. A human, on the other hand, could know how tasty a raw carrot can be, but he may never taste raw meat, because his body would have trouble digesting it. Someone, like Mr. Tootall for instance, may be able to see for hundreds of miles, on a clear sunny day, but, it would be very difficult for him to read the handwriting of a small fairy. A fairy, on the other hand, could call a model house that a giant makes a mansion; however, they wouldn’t be able to see more than a few hundred yards, if they were standing on the ground of course. Of course, a fairy can fly higher than any giant can be tall, meaning that they could see further than the tallest of giants.

'Now, back to my point, I simply taught Samual a new way of thinking, in which he had to think about each consequence of his actions. In fact, seeing as to how he knew that if he killed someone, for a quick drink, it would cause a ghost to come after him, he went after a non-sentient deer, most likely one on my land. But, even with the fact that he had to retreat from a bear, his hunt was safer than if he went after a human. After all, sentient beings can plan, lead one into a trap, and kill the pursuer. Also, humans are quite powerful in their own right, especially when the adrenaline is flowing. That supposedly weak human, who normally only lifts his briefcase, may, all of a sudden, be strong enough to kill even the strongest of giants. After all, wasn’t Jack “The Giant Killer” just a normal human who killed well over a dozen rouge giants in his career, without any magic, except for his wits, and a good weapon? Also, there are plenty of humans that have non-human friends who protect them, for one reason or another. And of course, there is always things like the decoy tactic, in which a human, or a weaker non-human, acts as bait for their stronger non-human friend, and a supposed hunter, suddenly becomes the hunted.

'Now, to get back to what I was saying, I simply showed them better ways of doing things. In fact, during their stay with me, Justian and Tawna more or less did the sorts of things they would have done if they were home, with a few exceptions of course. Under my guidance, they started to see things differently, on the first night even. In fact, they know the reason as to why I am a vegetarian.”

“Why is that?” Mr. Tootall asked, nervously.

At this, John smiled and said, “Well, if you are afraid of me now, and more so when I am in my combined form, to say that you’d mess you pants when the urge for me to kill takes over me is an understatement. As for actually eating others, well, I bet that you, and every other giant, would get everyone that you could and run as fast as you could to the other side of the country. Also, if you think that this version of me is scary, I know that there are people who would prefer me to be a cold hearted bastard, as oppose to a blood thirsty creature.”

“Why do you say, blood thirsty?” Mister Tootall asked, with a nervous gulp.

“Are you sure you can take the truth buddy?” John asked, with a wicked smile.

Mr. Tootall nodded, nervously, as did everyone else in the room, also nervous.

“It’s simple, pal,” John said. “There is nothing quite like the flesh of a screaming sentient being digesting in my stomach, especially that that of a human. Oh, then there is also the act of taking one’s life, holding it in your hands and then crushing it.”

At this, virtually everyone leaned back, causing a few people in the back to nearly fall over. It was at this moment, that John saw that everyone, with a few exceptions, were more afraid of him then ever.

“That, my friend,” John said. “Is the very reason I am a vegetarian. After all, if I weren’t, then giants three times your size, at the very least, would be on my menu of things that I could eat. Also, given how people of different races rarely work together, in a cohesive force, there would be nothing out there to stop my reign of destruction.

'However, while I still have the three primal urges, of seeking out a mate, killing my rivals, and eating substantial amounts of food, I am in control. I choose who I want to mate with, I choose whether or not I should kill someone that makes me angry, and I choose what it is that I eat. As my dearly departed father, may he rest in peace, once told me, a person makes his own choices in life, and in turn, those choices make him. I choose not to eat other people for food, I choose to mate with only willing partners, and I choose to kill only if I have to. These choices have affected me as well, as well as those around me. People, for the most part, are safe from the fact that I won’t rape them, kill them, or, and this is the biggest one, eat them. Oh I’ll admit that there have been a few close calls, in which I had, or nearly, lost control of myself, but, it seems that someone is watching out for me and those that I care about. I don’t know if it is an angle who wants to protect the innocent from me, or a demon who wants me to commit evil of my own free will and volition, or what, but, it does seem that someone likes to watch me.”

At this, John looked at the audience, with a smile, and began to chuckle.

“Now, back to the main point of this meeting," he said. "Are there any other reasons as to why I shouldn’t be the principal of this school?”
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