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Chapter 55
A little while later, John was sitting in a chair in the room that was his office and the teachers’ lounge.

In front of him were the two teachers whose classes he had allowed to continue, as long as they followed his limitations.

The students of their classes had had to be really careful in how they did their courses, as Mr. Wolfstone tended to hit students, which used hunting methods that would leave one’s prey dead, or injured, when it came to hunting class, or those who just forced themselves upon their fellow classmates, when it came to Sexual Education class.

However, if they used tactics that left their prey alive, and unharmed, or had sex with a willing partner, John wouldn’t interfere too much, beyond to see what it was that they were doing.

John looked at them and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Blackcoat (as the pair were married). The two of you know that I don’t like your classes too much. I believe that student predation is an inefficient waste of the students that get eaten, as their parents will no longer need to pay for them to come here. As for students that get raped by their classmates, in one form or another, they would be afraid to have sex in the future, which means that they won’t have children that could have come and attended this school. These things would eventually mean that fewer and fewer students would come here, and all of us would be out of a job. However, if you two, and every other teacher, didn’t eat, or rape, the students, even those who cause trouble, or are doing poorly in class, parents would have to keep paying for their kids to attend, and, when those students grow up and have children of their own, those children will attend this school, and so on. Now, I have a few personal questions to ask of you. Jackie, how long have you and Rodger been married?”

“Ten years, next week,” the were-fox said.

“Well, let me congratulate you two then,” John said. “Do you have any children?”

“Yes, we have four of them," the were-fox, Jackie, said, with a smile.

"One is a werewolf, one is a were-fox, and the third seems to be a combination of both a werewolf and a were-fox," the werewolf, Rodger, said. "As for the fourth, well, he hasn’t done any shifting at all.”

“Uh ha, so, your youngest could be classified as a human," John said, as he looked at the couple. "Of course, given how the two of you have children, you two must have had sex together.”

“Yes,” Jackie said. “Rodger and I have sex almost every night.”

“Do both of you enjoy it?” John asked with a smile.

At this, the pair seemed to blush.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” John said. “However, how would the two of you feel if someone, all of a sudden, decided to rape one of you, like say if someone tried to rape you, Jackie?”

“I don’t know,” Jackie said. “Though my husband and I would try to kill and eat him.”

“True, you would," John said, with a nod. "But, what if someone had beaten your husband, and tied him so tightly, and forced him to watch, in horror, as the man beat you, tied you to the bed, tore your clothes off, and raped you, and left without a trace, not even a scent? I know this much, I would be angry if someone did that to Janelle, maybe even to the point that I might sell something that I hold dear to me, in order to find that person, and kill them. As for Janelle, the shame she would feel, that alone might drive her to commit suicide, which could leave me with nothing to lose really. Also, let’s talk about that child of yours, the one who could be classified as a human. What if, someday, he is walking home from school, and now let the three of us use our imagination, and say that he is a human, even to the point that he can’t extend his fingernails, like Mr. Timberstein can. Let’s say that some unscrupulous person gets it into his head to eat him, and does. How would you feel about the sudden loss of your child, whom you’ve spent so much time caring for, in the hopes that someday, he would grow up, get a job, get married, and have children of his own?”

At this, the pair fell silent, with Jackie’s eyes threatening to tear up, and Rodger’s face getting red with anger, and gripping onto the arms of the chair, his claws putting holes in them.

John looked at them and said, “Every true parent would do what you are doing now. It doesn’t matter if the child is yours or not, whether the child is yours by adoption, by blood, or just some kid that you are fond of, because there is that small part of them that reminds you of yourself at that age. The moment that you find out that that kid will never be coming home again, you feel an urge to track down the person that took his life and make them suffer for it. I should know, I feel it, every time a student of mine wouldn’t be showing up any more because someone out there murdered him or her. I felt it when I found out that Julia had been raped by the monster who had bought her for his son’s meal. When I found him, I took great pleasure in tearing him to pieces, and killing his friends, who had been trying to rape and/or murder Janelle at the time. I left him alive, so that he would suffer more, though that ended when the scavengers showed up as I was leaving. I even gave them an anonymous donation to keep my name off of their records.”

“So, the reason that you and Janelle have been going out with each other is because you saved her life?” Jackie asked, as she looked at her new boss.

“Yah, if you believe it or not," John said, with a smile. "In fact, when I told Jeff that I had saved his precious treasure, well; to say that he approved of our relationship was an understatement. After all, he may have hated me, but, at the same time, he liked, and respected, me, and knew that I wouldn’t purposely try to harm his child.”

“Damn,” Rodger said. “And here I thought that I had it rough when I asked Jackie’s step-father if I could marry her. After all, the guy’s a fire-breathing dragon.”

“Yes, well, enough of our personal lives," John said, as he clasped his hands. "Let’s get to talking about how your classes will be run, okay.”
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