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Quite a scare!
I logged into WDC this morning and found it strange that none of my highlighted items appeared in my port. Then I tried to pull up my WDC Survivor book item, but when I opened the folder labeled Short Stories 2011, it was empty. So were all the other folders. I thought, what is going on??

Then my eyes strayed to the bottom right corner of my monitor and I saw the date. Today is June 16th?? ALREADY??

My account membership expired last night at midnight. *Shock*

Of course, I knew it was going to expire on the 15th. SM sent at least two reminders in the past couple weeks. The problem is I live in la-la land in the summer. I rarely know what day of the week it is, let alone the calendar date. In past years, I renewed the first time I received an email reminder. But this year, I just put it off.

I've never let my membership expire, and I panicked this morning. Were all but ten of my items lost forever? My short stories and poems are backed up, of course, both on my hard drive and in the cloud at Dropbox.com. But not my blog posts, my book items, my signature shop, my TWIST items and forums, and not my contests and activities. Yikes!

All's well now, though. I paid for my premium membership, logged off and logged back in. My port has been restored, thanks to the four week grace period the SMs grant us. Thank you, beautiful staff at WDC!!!

And a good lesson learned. In 2012, I will definitely renew my membership the first time I'm reminded...for certain!

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