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Chapter 3 : Ed Ramsey, My Best Bud Forever
Chapter 3: Ed Ramsey My Best Bud Forever

This next chapter of my book will on one hand be one of the easiest for me to write . --- easy due to the fact that Ed Ramsey and I were so close most of my life that the words I write will seem to pour onto the pages like water. On the other hand, it will be the hardest due to the fact that I will be reminded with every word just how very much I miss him, Now I will attempt to write a chapter that gives honor to the memory of, "my best bud" and our life long friendship.

I met Ed in the fall of 1972, now 38 years ago. I was only 9 years old then, and completely unaware of just how close we would become over a lifetime. Ed was born handicapped also. He had muscular dystrophy. He was 17 years of age when I saw my future "best bud" for the very first time. He was still walking reasonably well at thisstage of his life. I can not recall just when he lost his ability to walk,That is just something I do not choose to remember. On September 2, 2010, Ed passed away from this life and went to heaven.The best day of his life, was one of the worst days for his family and all those who love him on this earth. I know it was one of the worst days of mine.

Some people may find it strange that I could refer to the day of his passing away as the best day of his life. However, the reason I say this is due to the fact that was the day he gained his freedom from muscular dystrophy and his prison term in his wheelchair. I will miss Ed more than anyone will ever know or understand , but at the same time I am also trying to be happy for my life long friend Who I will see once again, When it's my turn to pass from this bumpy road called life and Ed and I are reunited. nothing will ever seperate me from my "best bud" again. I cannot wait to walk with him on heaven's street of gold. Oh what a great day that will be for both of us.Ed Ramsey:. Born on November 24, 1954. Now living forever in eternity.
Ed better start praying that by the time I see him God will allow him to run faster than I. Oh how I feel like kicking his butt all over heaven for leaving me .. I will never forget the early morning phone call that nobody wants to receive, the call that changes one's life forever. It was a massive shock to me when I heard Ed's brother Greg's voice that horrible morning he called with the news of Ed's death. I knew this was not going to be good news. but I hoped that I would hear he was just in the hospital or something like that. I never dreamed in my wildest dreams that I would hear what I heard next "I don't know how to tell you but, it's the worst possible news." So even before Greg managed to get the rest of his words out, I knew my best friend had passed away. It was a nightmare for both Greg and me.

Thank you so much Greg, for your friendship and support. Words are not good enough to really express my appreciation. Ed and you mean a lot to me. Since I plan on living to be at least 100 years old,. I look forward to a long friendship with you. Our friendship makes it a little easier to handle Ed's passing away. I believe that he is watching us now. and our staying friends will make him very happy. I know that it does me.

My "best bud", was one of a kind and if one was to look up the deafinion of a friend in the dictionary. one would find a description of Ed Ramsey.He was the most loyal, loving and understanding friend that I have ever had the honor of knowing. Having Ed as a friend was a very huge blessing. straight from God's heart to mine.
You are probably wondering by now how he was loyal, loving and all the other lovely things about him I've mentioned. So let's journey back in time a bit .and I can share with you some examples.
. Ed's generosity on my behalf started from the very first day that I saw his face. Ed, for a very short period of time attended the same special education school as I. He almost instantly became my very own gaurdian angel, by pushing my manual wheelchair around the school. He often refered to himself as my "personal taxi driver.". It didn't take very long before the teacher noticed how close my friendship with Ed had become . Before long he charmed the teacher into letting him tutor me in several different subjects. What a great job he did, considering who and what he had to work with, . Now that I am trying so hard to write this book, I can see that he should have taught me how to spell,better. I often smile as I say that to him while using spellcheck. I can, However, read very well and, I am good with math. Plus I can tell time the old fashion way, without digital clocks or watches. because a teenager "my best bud", took the time to care for a little kid. We talked about life and how to handle our being handicapped. I also spoke to him quite often about my new found faith in Jesus Christ. Ed told me many times that I was very mature even at the young age of 9 years old .That impression of me may be why he enjoyed our life long friendship so much. More often than not after each school day ended he would treat me to a Pepsi before we made the long trip back to our homes buy school bus.. In 1972,one could buy a Pepsi for only 25 cents.
In all the years that we were friends Ed and I never exchanged any birthday or Christmas gifts .but, it wasn’t because I didn’t try to do that. I have always wanted to find some way to pay Ed back for at least some of the kindness that he has shown to me.. However.. I cannot even try anymore, now that he has passed away and now I really feel badly about that at times. But I do also know very well that my best bud, wouldn’t want me to be feeling this way and would probably kick my butt if he knew because he loved me.
I have a bunch of wonderful memories that I will never forget but, one that comes back to my mind now is extra special The first time Ed came to my house was a huge surprise for a little kid. I had just come home from the hospital, a few days before. I was laying on our couch trying to recover from painful tendon transplant surgery and had casts on both legs.. I hadn't even mentioned my surgery to Ed.. My teacher told him and soon I heard a knock on the front door. The next thing I saw was, my "best bud', standing right next to me.with a big bag in his hands.. When I opened it, I saw a huge jigsaw puzzle. Which when finished, showed a big picture of Mickey mouse driving a red fire truck.
I have and always will admire Ed's spirit because he never let his being handicapped stop him from living a full and adventurous life, and he was not the type of person to sit in his wheelchair, feeling sorry for himself and letting life pass him by. Ed went to work for the state as a accountant for 18 years. This finally allowed him the opportunity to start making money on his own and supporting himself financially. The day he got off of SSI was a happy day for both of us. For several years I have been hoping and praying for some way to do the very same thing. I have always hated living off my Uncle Sam. I was always amazed by all the goals Ed set for himself and then accomplished .. He enjoyed writing songs and poetry. Some of both actually got published before he passed away. So he was and still is a constant inspiration to me. . In fact, you can say that Ed will always be a life long hero of mine. For years he kept trying to teach me how to play the guitar, but that was a bust because we eventually had to face the fact that my left hand had been to badly ravagged by the effects of C.P.. However , he knew that I loved to hear him play. Whenever I was with him he would usually play for 4 or 5 hours at a time. Oh man, I would love to hear him play again.
Another point of interest that we shared was, you guest it,girls. . When I reached my teenage years and started to notices all the chicks, he played a large part in keeping me from going crazy over them or staying depressed because I did not have a chick of my own. Ed was the first person that explained to me just how much harder it is to get girls if you are someone who. has to live this life handicapped. Oh boy; he was so right but, I believe that it maybe just a little easier if your handicap doesn’t involve being confined in a wheelchair. However I grew up seeing by example that it wasn’t completely impossible because Ed, had some girlfriends and also had the chance to get married. That was a very big source of encouragement to me and one reason why I never grave up hope. Without Ed’s love and support I sometimes wonder if I would have the wife that I have today, or if I would have given up trying to find my girl many years ago. I am so happy that Ed had the chance to actually see how my life has changed and meet my wife, Teresa, my good and perfect gift that “came from God.
Before he left this earth. Ed told me often how proud he was of me and the changes taking place in my life. He wasn’t just saying words to hear himself speak, like some people do. My best bud,, just like always, put his heart and money where his mouth was, in a very big way. I have always known that Ed loved me but, in the last 4 years he really showed it to me. Ed helped in ways that I never dreamed he would. His support of both myself and my wife, was far above the duty of a friend. Lets just say that Ed had my back again and again. After we moved into our first apartment, we soon discovered that we needed to save more cash. So that meant the cable T.V. had to be cancled. For 6 months all we watched was old video tapes. I never told Ed or anyone in the family. It was quite boring but I survived it as you can tell I am still alive, I think . When the football season started in 2006, Ed called to see if I was watching some special game. Then I told him no because I couldn't afford cable anymore. my best bud, , without saying much to me just had my cable service turned back on. Then Ed had my cable bills sent to his house and paid them for about 4 & a half years.
I saved the most important favor that I ever received from Ed for last. In September 2005, there was a problem with my bank account The SSI check was late. I couldn’t pay rent and my dear dad was in the Australia , visiting the crocks and my step mothers family. Back home we received a eviction notice. I called Ed just to talk with him about it. I didn’t think that he could or even would go as far as he did to save my butt. The next day he, sent a check that covered all our rent. What a wonderful yet very shocking surprise that was. Plus he told me not to even try paying him back because he would not take any money back. I just wonder what in the world I ever did to deserve Ed treating me like a king, God only knows.
Well Ed buddy, I can’t write this chapter forever .. I’ve got a little thing called a book to finish you know and hey dude you really did not have to die just to get a major place in my book, all you would have had to do was ask me haha. Ed to bad your not here to help me write this because I need to find a place to stop. However that not so easy summing up a whole lifetime of friendship and LOVE on just a few pages in a book is really impossible for your BEST BUD. I am sure that you could write a much better ending for this chapter my friend
There is not a day that goes by where I don’t think about my bettMY BEST BUD. Your always on my mind and in my heart. You’ll be missed and I will LOVE YOU FOREVER. Our friendship to be continued in heaven at some later date. For now Ed save me a place nead then rest in peace because you deserve it my friend.
Ed, I needed to give my best bude.MY BEST BUD some of the HONOR that you so richly deserve. Now everyone who reads my book, will see what a GREAT friend I have. BUD, I hope if your watching me and that you like what I wrote. Below you can read the poem that my best bud wrote for me.


> Best buds for a lifetime.
> You were only nine when we first met;
> I was seventeen. You had CP-I had MD.
> I taught you to tell time and how to read a little.
> You taught me about courage and nobler things
> at this school for :"Special Kids"- like us,
> where they keep the best hid away in a special place
> called "Segregation, " protected from all harm.
> But together we grew up strong.
> Twenty-five years of ups and downs,
> gains and losses, laughter and tears
> have christened us " Best of Buds"
> for life. Twenty-five years we have sailed
> these troubled gray-blue waters.
> No lyin' Brian...Yeah you...You're a "Stud, " dude.

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