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A collection of various short stories and poetry.
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The Playoff: Watcher
I was there with a few friends; the Girls’ Softball simi-final sectional Playoff. Personally, I didn’t care for the game, but my one friend had promised that he’d be there to support this girl, who was the President of the Leo club he’d help found. Because of this, I came, partly due to the fact I had no place else to go. The other part was due to the fact I was bored.

We showed up during the bottom of the 7th, Home had six runs, and the Visitors trailed by five. I watched the nearby parents; many were worried about the coming weather, it had been cloudy, and now it was sprinkling. I then watched as the girls from the Visitor team went up to bat. The first one got three balls, and walked to the first base. The next made a pop-fly, or whatever, which got caught. The next girl managed to get a base hit, and the first girl made it to third. The next girl struck out. The girl after her made a base hit, meaning that the first one had made a run, making it 6-2, in favor of Home.

Thus it was now down to the pitcher; if she got out the girl coming up, they’d all go home. She threw the ball. The batter swung, and hit it; she ran. The ball grounded on second, so the basegirl there picked it up, and threw it- the Visiting player was Out! The Home parents cheered as they, and all others picked up their things, and began to leave, before the rain got worse. I’d wager that the local pizza place will soon be packed with players and parents, and coaching staff- makes me glad I already ate.

Same game: Umpire
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 The Playoff Game: Player  (E)
Softball game from the player's perspective.
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