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Drop by drop the snow pack dies, watering the arid lands below.
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Creative Saturday: Creative Dreaming
It's Creation Saturday! The January 18, 2014 prompt for "30-Day Blogging Challenge is
Our brains are master creators when we sleep, creating worlds of dreams for us to explore every night. Write about the last vivid or lucid dream you remember and what you believe its significance was.

What was the last vivid dream I had? According to the October 30, 2013 entry in "Dreams of Snow , I haven't had a vivid or even lucid dream in about three months. I know I've had scattered foggy memories of dreams during that time, but none of them stay with me long enough to write them down. This is strange and scary because normally I can depend upon, at least, one vivid or weird dream every month and sometime several in a month's time.

I reread "A Moving Dream and found that it occurred after I had gotten up to turn off the alarm and then sit back down on the couch to meditate. I know I've been meditating in the last three months, but my meditation hasn't been after getting up to turn the alarm off and then sitting back down. Also, in October of 2013 I still had the alarm sit at 4:00 am instead of 5:00, so that may have something to do with my foggy and unremembered dreams. I know that most of my dreams, since 2007, have occurred in the early morning hours. Since I can't sleep in a bed and get any rest, I have to sleep on a couch, loveseat, or in a recliner. At least in those, I get a little bit of rest even if I wake up about every couple of hours.

This is the description I wrote in "Dreams of Snow about the dream: "In the dream, Mom and I, with the help of Liz and Bill, were packing up the house. I was worried about where I could afford to move because I could not afford the studio or one-bedroom apartments available. Mom was going to go into an assisted living home where she would have nurses to assist her. In the dream, Mom was still old, but she did not appear to be suffering from Alzheimer's disease. I had a thought, about finding moving Mom with me instead of an assisted living residence.

I decided to call Frank to discuss the idea with him. I had difficulty calling him for a few reasons. First, I could not find my cell phone and then when I did find the phone I had difficulty finding his number on my contacts list. I used Bill's cell phone and got through to Frank, but the call was dropped. After finally, getting through to Frank we decided that moving Mom in with me was a good idea. I started to call one of the places I am no the waiting list for a one-bedroom apartment to see if they had a two bedroom and this is when I woke up."

This is what I wrote about the dream at the time: "This dream occurred after I had gotten up, turned off the alarm, and sit back down to meditate. I also recited a prayer before I dozed off. The depression and worry in the dream concerned finding a one-bedroom apartment I could afford. I was relieved and excited at the prospect of moving into a two-bedroom with Mom. I was still excited and relieved when I woke up, even when I realized that Mom has passed and I could not move into a two-bedroom apartment with her.

Before I dozed off this morning, I recited this prayer revealed by Baha'u'llah:

         "He who put his trust in God, God will suffice him.
         He who fears God, God will send him relief."

I think the dream was telling me that I would find a place to live and a way to afford it the apartment."

Since I haven't had a dream I remember this year, I'll reset the alarm to 4:00 am and see if that changes the way I remember my dreams. I'll see how that works the rest of the time I stay in this house. I think I will also go back to meditating in the Baha'i scriptures instead of counting my breath because that seems to have an effect on how I remember my dreams.

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