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Fancy Keystrokes
I looked up into eyes the colour of whiskey and felt my heart kick up a beat at the warm that blazed within the gaze. The man was a dream.

Shaking my head, I broke eye contact and glanced back at my keyboard. โ€œI could lose my job for this.โ€ I muttered, then pressed a few keys that set the search in motion. A few more keystrokes and the printer roared to life listing all the pertinent information this wonderful, whiskey โ€“ eyed wonder had requested.

He grabbed the sheet from the printer and read down the page. Those eyes stilling on one name. His grin tipped his lips up and he swizzled that dazzling gaze back at me.

โ€œThanks, Darlinโ€™โ€ He drawled and I nearly melted into the floor.

He shifted forward and planted a kiss on my lips and before I could even realize it, he turned and moved his sweet ass out of my office and back onto the street.

I sat there star struck watching until he was well out of site, then shaking my head I found my self โ€“ preservation and played my keystrokes to hide my offense.

I might lose my job for this, but I was not going to make it easy for them to figure it out. With luck, no one ever would.

Word Count = 220

Entry into the Daily Flash Fiction contest - July 4, 2014.

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