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And That's What Happened
"Sometimes you just gotta do what needs doing. He deserved it. Swear it on my mother's grave..."

"You ain't got no mother, Mic." slurred my pal, Denny as he snatched one of my cigarettes.

I glared at him, but he just grinned.

Denny's glassy eyes looked up into mine. He took a drag pulling the smoke deep into his lungs like he'd been deprived for days. "So tell me again what happened."

I ordered us a refill on drinks and when the bartender finished and walked away, I said, "The guy pulled a knife on me and told me to hand over my wallet."

Denny snickered. "That suit you got don't even fit ya and he thought you was a Suit."

I shrugged. "'I ain't got no wallet' I told the guy and he come at me like some cocky bugger."

"Did he stab ya?" Denny glance over, his glassy eyes held a touch of concern.

"Nah, man. I shut him down. Slammed him a few hard fist pumps that sent him flying. Don't think he expected me to fight him... cocky bugger."

"But you said he was dead." Denny whispered almost falling into me when he leaned over.

"All's I said was I slammed him. He was the one that went falling back. Probably hit the pavement so hard.... I didn't stick around to see if he was rightly dead..."

Denny looked over nodding in contemplation.

"And that's what happened, I swear it."

Behind us the big doors creaked open and a great hulking guy pushed himself in. He walked a little unsteady but made it to the bar. He glared over at me but said nothing.

Denny glanced at me and I nodded that that was the guy.

"Well, seeing's how he's walkin' you did fine."

Word Count = 298.

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