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Day 5 - Thirteen Days of Halloween
Damian Drath is not a handsome man. He has scars that run along the edges of his face. Rippled flesh is visible at his temples and within his hairline. It puckers behind his ears and along his jaw line.

His face is not his own. It is ripped from another assailant that he, himself, killed; killed to take the man’s identity and his wealth. It also allows him to merge unknown when he does occasionally venture out into the city - which is rare.

His body is a compilation of his victims, each a gruesome fixture that brings him grim glee when he flashes his wicked smile. To look at his face one is swallowed by the emptiness that lies behind his eyes. Black pools of empty souls. He holds his victims mesmerized.

He carries himself like a gentleman and dresses in the style of lost times. He seems to prefer the velvet frock coat and pantaloons with black hessian boots. His hair is glossy black and grows long to hide his facial scarring.

He plots his vengefulness by luring unsuspecting victims into his manor house. People have been known to travel there to see if the legends of Damian Drath are true. They walk in expecting to traverse his estate and leave without incident, but always, always they are drawn in by his vulturous ways.

As they dine and carry on conversations in the great Gothic dining room, their minds slip and lose focus on where they are. They fall into a mindless state that leaves them open and vulnerable to their host. It is like he has caught them in his web, all he needs do is wind them in and sip their souls. Their blood is drained and bottled like a vintage wine... to be served at the next meal of unsuspecting guests.

He will never be satisfied. Human flesh and blood is a craving for him and he calls his victims in ways no one can yet understand.

Word Count = 332.

Day 5 Prompt: Freddy Kruger tormented you in your nightmares. Jason, wearing his hockey mask, chased you with a chainsaw. Chucky, the sadistic live doll, stalked you until you were crazed. Write a character sketch about the antagonist you would cast in the next Halloween Horror/Scary Film. You can write it in a character sheet or a prose sketch. If you are not familiar with doing a character sketch, please get with me or one of the judges so that we can explain it to you. This is not a story or a poem. Originality is key to this prompt.

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