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Day 6 - Thirteen Days of Halloween
Celebrating The Day of The Dead

The dead are honoured this time of year
When the veil between our world and theirs thins.
And they pass through and reunite
With their loved ones
Alters and shrines stand and wait
For their dead to return
Candy and treats are offerings of welcome
A time to embrace the love and the loss
Incense and candles help spirits
To find their way back
Until next year.

But what of those spirits that pass through
That hold grudges and pain
Unsettled in their lost life
Do they pass homes that may welcome them?
Do they haunt those that stole from them?
Do they wreck havoc and seek revenge?
Not all good comes with Halloween
There is a balance of dark with light
One hopes this balance will allow
Friendly spirits to capture and take
The darkness back with them
But sometimes... some slip and stay...

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Day 6 Prompt - Thirteen Days of Halloween
Using the information below about Mexico's celebration of Day of the Dead through All Souls Day as inspiration, write a piece of creative non-fiction, a short story, or poem. Information was found on Halloween Around the World

Mexico – ...the dead are honored and this celebration of the dead is actually a joyous, festive occasion. Halloween (Day of the Dead) is actually just the day the celebration begins and continues for 3 days, ending on November 2, which is All Souls Day. Shrines and alters go up in homes for families hoping their deceased loved ones will return for a visit. Candy and other offerings are left as gifts to welcome spirits, and incense and candles are burned on the final day to help spirits find their way back.

I love this celebration.

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