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Day 8 of the Thirteen Days of Halloween
This Time Of Year

Pumpkins line the fields along the country roads
Their orange flashing vibrant as the air turns chill
Road side vendors sell their wares
Pumpkins, pies and preserves perfectly prepared
And offer up seasonal corn mazes and haunted barns
To send tremors of fun to young and old alike
As Halloween approaches, families pick their pumpkin
They wield their tools - knives and spoons
Gutting out the seeds and pulp
Carving in faces full of menace or delight
Excitement trembles thorough the night
As children eagerly scamper about
To play their tricks and collect their treats
All on a Halloween night.

Day 7 was a reviewing day.

Day 8 - Thirteen Days of Halloween
One of the most well known symbols of Halloween is the pumpkin or Jack-o-Lantern. Write an article, short story, or poem about either.

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