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Day 9 - Thirteen Days of Halloween
First of all – I loved the poem.

As I walk through the cemetery my eyes are drawn to the small graves that lay long forgotten. Their small stone slabs are etched with time and many have faded to barely give the dates. Names are often not even given, either because of expense or because the child was stillborn, never taking a breath in this life. I wonder at those children, denied the time to play and grow here in our world. They have gotten a pass to go directly to heaven, leaving their parents with no idea of their child's character and possible personality. But they are children. Their souls stay sweet and pure as they go off to heaven... but what of the midnight hour... do they rise up and let their spirits play among the trees and grasses, jumping over headstones, their laughter playing on the wind. Or are they bound to heaven or sent as Angels. What of those short lives? Seems a waste... but who knows why they were taken and what gift or lesson they imparted to those left behind. One can only pray their families survived and went on... only to be reunited after time and God allowed. Life and death is a mystery.

As I look at these tiny stones I send up a prayer that they are safely held in God's keeping. Then I bow my head and move on; grateful I have my life and I will live it fully.

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Read the following poem: "A Haunted Path" . Use it as inspiration for your own poem or short story.

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