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Day 12 - Thirteen Days of Halloween
Miss Prescott's Lovely Little House

Little Miss Prescott has bought herself a house
It's walls are mighty fragrant, but spongy to the touch
The windows are the oddest of shapes and only on one side
Just how to you buy drapes to cover triangles wide?

And the door is quite a mystery
A crawl in kind of style
Be careful not to catch yourself
Upon the jagged thing.

She really does enjoy her house
And orange is definitely her colour
But I am not so sure about space
Because there are seeds scattered in her parlour.

Where she sleeps in this crazy house
Is also quite another story
As in the master room a candle squats
Luminous, it glows.

She watches as the night draws out
Some weirdly strange delights
Little children pass her way
They marvel at her home

And at the midnight hour
When all the world is asleep
She rises into the chilly air
And moves it into the forest deep.

Lines = 24

Day 12 - ▼
Using the following image as inspiration, write a short story or poem. Jack-O-Lantern

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