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Day 13 - Thirteen Days of Halloween
An Evening of Halloween Adventures

Halloween is on the crest of NaNoWriMo. Once I have handed out a few treats to the younger children (I do love to see the costumes they wear), I will venture out to a party. It is not a Halloween party, per se, but we can dress up. (I doubt I will dress up - I have never enjoyed that part myself). It is actually the Kick Off party for NaNo. Writers from the area doing the month long novel writing challenge will be meeting up for an evening of frivolity before the real work begins. It is a chance to get to know one another and see people who we have not seen since last November or early December. Writers coming out of the woodwork, like ghouls and goblins rising from the dead to create chaos. As writers, we are causing chaos on the page; creating worlds in the fiction realm.

This year the party will be at a restaurant/ bar so I won't have to make and take something for a potluck like I have had to do for the previous two years. One of our Municipal Liaisons is a mother with a young child so I am thinking she wanted to opt out of having to make something and that is fine by me. I am up for chowing down on something I would not normally make. I am really looking forward to it.

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Write a short story, poem, or creative non-fiction item about either what Halloween means to you, or what you will do tonight for Halloween.

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